The two rivals had first planned for press conferences this Wednesday morning.

- It was strangely thought of by us, says Sweden's national team manager Anders Byström to Sportbladet.

The law must not be submitted until 5 pm today and Sweden therefore postponed its press conference to that time - and Norway soon followed.

- It is a bit tactical and strategic towards other nations, not least Sweden, says the Norwegian national team manager Espen Bjervig.

In Norway, the great Therese Johaug has opened to take care of the last stretch and many tips suggest that Helene Marie Fosseholm, Heidi Weng and Ragnhild Haga can take care of other stretches.

In Sweden's team, Frida Karlsson, Ebba Andersson and Charlotte Kalla are given after their efforts so far in the WC and the question mark is who takes the fourth and last place.

CLIP: Charlotte Kalla wants a relay seat

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Charlotte Kalla wants a relay place: "Would be great fun"