Beijing Winter Paralympics will produce 78 gold medals

  Set up 6 major events and 78 minor events including Paralympic alpine skiing, involving 5 competition venues and 25 non-competition venues in Beijing, Yanqing, and Zhangjiakou.

Yesterday, the first anniversary of the countdown to the Beijing 2022 Winter Paralympic Games was held in Beijing.

Photo by Tao Ran, reporter from Beijing News

  The Beijing Winter Paralympics will be held from March 4th to 13th, 2022. There will be three competition areas in Beijing, Yanqing and Zhangjiakou. There will be a total of 6 major events and 78 minor events, and 78 gold medals will be produced by then.

In addition, since Beijing's successful bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics, the national Winter Paralympics have expanded from 2 to 6, achieving full coverage of the Winter Paralympics.

  Beijing News Yesterday, Yang Jinkui, head of the Paralympic Department of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, introduced at the media meeting on the first anniversary of the countdown to the 2022 Winter Paralympic Games in Beijing that the Beijing 2022 Winter Paralympic Games will set up Paralympic Alpine Skiing and Paralympic Singles. There were 78 gold medals in 6 major events and 78 minor events including snowboarding.

  All 5 Paralympic Games venues meet the test requirements

  Yang Jinkui introduced that the Beijing Paralympic Winter Games will be held from March 4 to 13, 2022, featuring Paralympic alpine skiing, Paralympic snowboarding, Paralympic cross-country skiing, Paralympic biathlon, Paralympic ice hockey, and wheelchair ice. There are 78 gold medals in 6 major events and 78 minor events, involving 5 competition venues (National Swimming Center, National Stadium, National Alpine Ski Center, National Biathlon Center, Yunding) in Beijing, Yanqing, and Zhangjiakou. Ski park) and 25 non-competition venues.

  The three competition venues in Beijing, Yanqing and Zhangjiakou have all been completed.

Non-competition venues will also be delivered this year.

Liu Yumin, director of the Planning and Construction Department of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, introduced at the meeting that the five Winter Paralympic Games venues all met the test requirements.

  More than 2,000 disabled people have signed up for volunteer services

  In terms of barrier-free coordination, Yang Jinkui introduced that the "Accessibility Guidelines for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics" has been compiled, requiring the implementation of internationally advanced barrier-free technologies in the construction of venue facilities, event services and city operations. standard.

  In terms of competition organization, the first edition of the "Beijing 2022 Winter Paralympic Qualification Specifications" has been released.

Just completed a series of test tasks for the snow project in Beijing, accumulated experience in the organization of the Winter Paralympic Games, and trained the team.

  In terms of event services, volunteer recruitment is in progress. As of 10:00 on February 20th, 1032470 people have successfully registered, including 2132 applicants for the disabled.

  According to Yang Jinkui, the three Paralympic villages are adjacent to the competition venues in their respective competition areas to facilitate athletes to participate in the competition. The facilities of the Paralympic villages will be designed and constructed in accordance with the Beijing 2022 barrier-free guidelines.

  In terms of accommodation, the selection of 28 official reception hotels for the Winter Paralympic Games and 1 Paralympic family hotel has been completed, 4,611 guest rooms are planned to be contracted, and the renovation of barrier-free facilities in reception hotels is being promoted.

  Fully consider the characteristics and needs of the Winter Paralympic Games in terms of medical needs, venue medical station settings, and work procedures, and organize the maintenance of prosthetic orthotics and wheelchairs.

  ■ Prepare for battle

  my country has achieved full coverage of the Winter Paralympic Games, and the number of Paralympic athletes has grown from less than 50 to more than 1,000

  300 athletes in 6 major events train non-stop throughout the year

  Yesterday, Yong Zhijun, Director of the Competition Training Department of the Sports Department of the China Disabled Persons’ Federation, introduced China’s preparations for the Winter Paralympics.

  A number of Paralympic events held national events for the first time

  "The Winter Paralympics has 6 major events and 78 minor events. Before the bid, our country only developed 2 major events." Yong Zhijun said.

  After the successful bid for the Beijing Winter Olympics and the Paralympics, the China Disabled Persons’ Federation established a leading group for preparations for the 2022 Winter Paralympics to fully lead the preparations for the Winter Paralympics.

Preliminarily select athletes nationwide, organize training camps to determine athletes, select domestic coaches, hire foreign coaches, train technical officials, set up a national training team for all projects, conduct domestic and foreign training all-weather, hold multi-projects for the first time in national events, all projects Included in the National Paralympic Games, multi-sports international events were held for the first time, large-scale participation in international events, multi-sports achievements made a historic breakthrough.

At the same time, China has held the winter sports season for the disabled for five consecutive years, encouraging and supporting more disabled people to participate in winter sports.

  According to Yong Zhijun, the national Winter Paralympic athletes have grown from less than 50 to more than 1,000, technical officials have grown from scratch to hundreds of people, and the Winter Paralympic events have been expanded from 2 to 6, realizing the major events of the Winter Paralympics. Full coverage.

At the same time, it has signed strategic cooperation agreements for the development of disabled sports with Finland, Russia, and Greece.

The National Ice Sports Training Hall for the disabled, approved by the state, has been put into use.

  124 athletes from 6 events start training in Beijing-Hebei

  In terms of training, training and preparations are carried out at all times.

300 athletes in all 6 major events have carried out uninterrupted training throughout the year. Currently, 124 athletes and 42 coaches in 6 events are training in 5 bases in Beijing and Hebei.

  In terms of winter sports events for the disabled, Yong Zhijun introduced that since 2017, five events including cross-country skiing, biathlon, alpine skiing, snowboarding, and Paralympic ice hockey will be held for the first time in national competitions. At the 2019 National Paralympic Games, It was included in all six major events of the Beijing Paralympic Winter Games for the first time.

The Paralympic Asian Cup series will be held for the first time in 2020, with players from South Korea, Russia, Mongolia and other countries participating.

  At the same time, Chinese Paralympic athletes also actively participate in international competitions.

Since 2016, my country has participated in 59 Winter Paralympic series of international events, won a total of 38 gold medals, and achieved "zero" breakthroughs in many events.

  ■ Dialogue

  Dong Lianmin, Vice Chairman of Beijing Disabled Persons’ Federation:

  "Accessibility" special action to repair 7031 blind tracks

  Yesterday, Dong Lianmin, deputy director of the Special Class Office of the Beijing Special Action for Barrier-free Environment Construction, and vice chairman of the Municipal Disabled Persons’ Federation, introduced the situation of the special action for barrier-free environment construction for more than a year.

He said, “Over the past year, the positive rate of the online satisfaction survey involving 40,255 people has been 84.7%, and the positive evaluation by 1,000 interviews in 16 districts has exceeded 90%.”

  Special action to rectify barrier-free environment over 50,000 points

  Beijing News: In November 2019, Beijing launched a special action for barrier-free environment construction.

In the past year or so, what missions has Beijing accomplished?

  Dong Lianmin: Over the past year or so, we have focused on the work and life needs of the people, highlighted 17 key tasks in 3 key areas, 4 key areas, 9224 people participated in the investigation, and 110,000 points and 980,000 barrier-free facilities elements have been included in the "big "Data management system", one account in the city, real-time account write-offs.

As of the end of February 2021, a total of 89,600 idle and occupancy problems have been rectified; 50,200 points have been rectified, and the amount of rectification is 7.73 times that of 2008.

  Beijing News: In terms of roads and public transportation, what rectification tasks have been completed?

  Dong Lianmin: In terms of urban roads, we focus on eliminating breakpoints.

Over the past year or so, 7031 blind roads have been repaired, 473 pedestrian crossings, 31 pedestrian bridges and underpasses have been rectified. The entire urban curb ramp has basically been fully covered, and "broken roads" have been significantly reduced.

  In terms of public transportation, attention is paid to smooth connection.

The 11,911 buses, bus platforms, subway stations, parking lots, etc. were rectified, and a coherent barrier-free transportation system was initially formed. The phenomenon of “difficulty in wheelchair rides” has been significantly reversed. More disabled and elderly people travel independently, and many people Spontaneously shoot a small video on Douyin like it.

  Beijing News: In terms of public service places, what changes have been made in Beijing?

  Dong Lianmin: We have rectified 29780 sites in 10 areas, including government service halls, hotels, shopping malls, supermarkets, restaurants, medical institutions, schools, banks, cultural, sports and leisure venues, parks and scenic spots, green spaces, public toilets, and residential communities.

  The government affairs hall has basically achieved barrier-free access, and the city’s 462 three-level government service halls have been renovated, with sloped entrances and exits, low-level service desks, and barrier-free parking spaces, and the "warm service" can be experienced through "small windows".

  The entrance of 19,794 old residential buildings is sloped, barrier-free handrails are installed in the building, and nearly a hundred old communities provide services such as stair climbers; subways, supermarkets, parks, medical and other places provide barrier-free appointment services. The "barrier temperature" penetrates all aspects of urban construction.

  Basically all urban road curb ramps are "zero height difference"

  Beijing News: What work has been done to facilitate the disabled to obtain information with scientific and technological means?

  Dong Lianmin: We rectified 162 government service websites and financial media centers. The epidemic prevention and control press conference was the first to be equipped with sign language interpreters in the country. "Beijing Online Services for the Disabled" was selected as a classic case in the "2020 United Nations E-Government Survey Report". The electronic map generated based on the "big data management system" has been tried out on Baidu Maps, and the barriers to information communication are gradually eliminated.

  The Beijing News: Judging from the feedback you have received, how do you comment on Beijing's special action for building a barrier-free environment for more than a year?

  Dong Lianmin: We have received a lot of likes. The positive rate of the online satisfaction survey involving 40,255 people was 84.7%, and the positive evaluation of 1,000 interviews in 16 districts exceeded 90%.

Many residents used to be inconvenient to go out. The street has been transformed into the compound, which is now much more convenient.

Many elderly people report that their lives are getting happier and happier.

  Another disabled person in Chaoyang, Xu Yanchun, told me that he is a disabled person with spinal cord injury and is also a barrier-free supervisor. He has lived in Chaoyang District for more than ten years. Watched the game next.

In recent years, the barrier-free environment has become better and better, travel life has become more and more convenient, and I often go to the park to relax with my friends.

  In addition, I also heard the evaluation of barrier-free experts—Beijing’s barrier-free environment construction has a good overall foundation, high standards, good atmosphere, distinctive design, and standards for renovation, especially in urban road curb ramps. Height difference", the renovation of cottage courtyards and other aspects have created very good experience and won the public's reputation.

  Beijing News reporter Wu Wei