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My name is Patrick Moeke and I will keep you informed of all developments at sc Heerenveen-Ajax in the semi-finals of the TOTO KNVB cup.

Lots of fun!

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Heerenveen coach Johnny Jansen will have enough to say about his team.

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71 'Antony fails to decide the game definitively.

The Brazilian gets an open shooting opportunity, but shoots in front.

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70 'Heerenveen pushes a little more after Tadic's 0-2.

Can the Frisians still shake Ajax?

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65 'There was immediately the chance for Heerenveen to get back into the game!

Van Bergen can go to Stekelenburg on his own, but he shoots up against the Ajax goalkeeper.

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63 'GOAL Ajax!


Tadic hits hard in the left corner.

Ajax has now also expressed the field predominance in the score.

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63 'Penalty kick Ajax! 

Kudus trips over Bochniewicz's leg.

Ajax can take a penalty kick.

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59 'Ajax coach Erik ten Hag takes goal scorer Klaassen off the field.

Mohammed Kudus is his replacement.

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57 'The game image is no different in the second half than before half-time.

Ajax insists, Heerenveen holds back.

It seems like a matter of time before the 0-2 falls.

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54 'Mulder comes far from his goal, but heads the ball straight into Klaassen's feet.

Fortunately for the Heerenveen goalkeeper, Klaassen hits the ball completely wrong and it ends well for Heerenveen.

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46 'The second half begins.

Can Heerenveen make a fist against the Amsterdammers after the break?

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Substitute at Ajax.

Klaiber comes on to replace Blind.

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Ajax has nothing to fear from Heerenveen and leads halfway through a goal from Klaassen well deserved with 0-1.

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45 + 1 'Actually some danger from Heerenveen.

De Jong takes the ball on his shoe in one go and sees his bet land on Stekelenburg's goal.

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43 'Not a goal Ajax after all! 

The VAR sees that Tadic takes the ball with his hand.

The hit is disallowed.

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42 'GOAL Ajax!


How simple!

Tadic takes the ball and puts it to Klaassen, who can tap into an empty goal.

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37 'Klaassen is close to his second goal.

The attacking midfielder picks up the ball and shoots just over twenty meters.

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Heerenveen has not yet created a chance in its own Abe Lenstra Stadium.

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31 'Almost 0-2 for Ajax.

Antony takes control from the edge of the penalty area, but his effort whizzes down the wrong side of the post.

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27 'Ajax leaves Heerenveen a bit more in control after Klaassen's goal, but the Frisians do not really know what to do with it.

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Not for the first time this season Klaassen is worth gold for Ajax.

This time the attacking midfielder scores with a header.

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19 'GOAL Ajax!


He had been in the air for a while and now it is a hit for the visitors.

Antony puts the ball perfectly on Klaassen's head, who heads neatly into the far corner.

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17 'The game image is somewhat one-sided.

Ajax has the ball and Heerenveen barely gets rid of its own half.

Nevertheless, the Amsterdammers have trouble breaking through the stiff defense of the Frisians.

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11 'Heerenveen is not involved so far.

Ajax combines nicely and is looking for a hole.

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9 'Good opportunity Ajax.

Tadic puts Haller in position with a nice lob, after which the striker runs hard.

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7 'Ajax takes the initiative, Heerenveen is waiting.

We have not seen a chance in the Abe Lenstra Stadium in the absolute opening phase.

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It is really Ajax and not IJsselmeervogels that Heerenveen is playing against tonight.

Not a fan at all of the home shirt with red shorts combo, by the way.

#Ajax #heeaja


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1 'The home team kicks off.

Heerenveen-Ajax is on the way!

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The players enter the field.

Heerenveen-Ajax is about to start.

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"We started well, but at a certain point we couldn't find the free people anymore", Ajax coach Erik ten Hag at



back on Sunday's match against PSV.

"That resulted in a bad match, from both sides. It is indeed a semi-final tonight, but we approach this game as a final. What is it like to play against De Jong and Schöne? They belong to the opponent, but they are great guys. And they are great footballers too, by the way. "

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"We have studied the match between Ajax and PSV well," says Heerenveen coach Johnny Jansen at



"From the counter we are dangerous with Henk and Joey, we could play on that. But we certainly also have the qualities to stand higher and play offensively. We will have to find a balance today."

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The battlefield for tonight.

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At Heerenveen, Lasse Schöne and Siem de Jong have a basic place against their old club.

Jan Paul van Hecke returns to the team of trainer Johnny Jansen.



Dresevic, Van Hecke, Bochniewicz, Kaib;

Schöne, Halilovic;

Van Bergen, De Jong, Joey Veerman;

Henk Veerman.

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Ajax with Schuurs and Timber in the rear in the semi-final against Heerenveen

Ajax will compete against sc Heerenveen with Perr Schuurs and Jurriën Timber in the defense.

Timber is posted as right back, while Schuurs, together with Lisandro Martínez, forms the center.

Trainer Erik ten Hag had to puzzle in the defense because Devyne Rensch and Nicolás Tagliafico are suspended.

The Argentinian has also been struggling with a hip injury for some time.

In addition, Noussair Mazraoui is also not there due to an injury.

Where a basic place for Sean Klaiber was taken into account, Ten Hag Timber decided to move from the center to the right.

Just like in the top match against PSV on Sunday (1-1), Daley Blind is the left back.



Timber, Schuurs, Martinez, Blind;

Álvarez, Gravenberch, Klaassen;

Antony, Haller, Tadic.

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Schöne gives Heerenveen coach Jansen spontaneously tips about Ajax

Lasse Schöne hopes to reach the final of the TOTO KNVB Cup with sc Heerenveen at the expense of his old club Ajax.

The midfielder is looking forward to a special meeting.

Heerenveen coach Johnny Jansen did not have to approach Schöne this week for tactical tips about Ajax.

"He already came up with that himself," Jansen told




Schöne trained with Ajax for two weeks in January, before signing in Heerenveen.

"Of course I know a little more about how Ajax does certain things," said the Danish midfielder.

"But it is a team that is very good."

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