"Fast, care, warm and beautiful"!

Demystifying the black technology of the Winter Olympics preparations

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  "A Winter Olympic figure skating suit requires understanding of music, research, design, production, decoration, trying on on land, and trying on ice from design to upper body. The figure skating suit is both artistic and athletic. The special clothing of “Science and Technology” requires light fabrics and good stretch performance to complete difficult movements.” On March 2, the national key research and development program “Science and Technology Winter Olympics” key special project “Winter Sports and Liu Li, the general manager of the "Key Technologies for High-Performance Clothing Research and Development of Training Competition" and a professor at Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, said in an interview with a reporter from Science and Technology Daily.

In order to improve the scientific and technological content and benchmark the international frontier, Liu Li led the team to continue to carry out research work after the Spring Festival, and comprehensively improve the clothing and equipment level of the national training team.

According to reports, the project will be led by Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology in 2019, and many universities and enterprises will jointly participate in the research.

Involving textile science and engineering, clothing design and engineering, sports science and other disciplines.

  Liu Li said that in response to the complex climatic and environmental conditions of the Winter Olympics training and competition, based on the "human body-clothing-environment" system, they have developed racing and skill sub-items competition clothing that adapts to the physical characteristics and physiological characteristics of Chinese athletes. Developed high-performance clothing for drag reduction, protection, heat and humidity comfort suitable for winter training and competition clothing.

Realized the innovation of racing items clothing, protective materials and equipment, low temperature resistant materials and clothing skills items.

  "For athletes, if the speed can be increased by 0.01 second, it is very precious." Liu Li said, in view of the comprehensive drag reduction problem of racing suits such as short-track speed skating and alpine skiing, we based on the body shape of Chinese athletes, Technical and tactical characteristics, focusing on the "fast" design, to solve the cross-scale collaborative drag reduction mechanism of winter sports racing competition clothing under the condition of multi-parameter coupling.

At present, the latest research and development results of speed skating racing suits, 56 types of competition suit structures and 122 types of drag reducing fabrics have been tested in the wind tunnel.

For example, the overall resistance of alpine ski clothing at a wind speed of 32m/s is significantly better than the level of similar competition clothing in advanced countries.

  In the course of training and competition, clothing and equipment must have the performance of "protection".

Due to the high speed and complex environment of winter sports, athletes are at higher risk of injury. There are mainly two types of injuries: collision and stabbing.

In order to tackle this problem, the researchers used new columnar array type impact-resistant structure and new energy-absorbing cushioning materials in the newly developed competition equipment, such as alpine ski training protective clothing, tailored for athletes, which can effectively protect the mountains. Slashing injury of a skier when crossing the flag gate.

Short-track speed skating competition uniforms use cut-resistant fabrics as a whole to fully protect the athlete's body, while considering muscle compression and clothing drag reduction functions.

"Warm" is also a common demand for winter projects.

To make all winter sports uniforms warm, the project team came up with two ways: to increase the fiber's warmth retention rate; active heating technology to convert electrical energy into heat.

Figure skating competition uniforms bloomed with colorful "beauty".

According to Liu Li: “Each of our clothes is tailored to the music theme, dance design, fusion of advanced clothing elements, and tailored to the athlete’s body size. Currently, we are exploring the integration of traditional Chinese techniques to fully convey Chinese culture and show the'four self-confidence. '."

  It is understood that the Liu Li team has provided competition clothes for 22 key athletes of the national figure skating (camp training) team in pairs, men's singles, women's singles, and ice dance. 424 sets of design schemes, 70 sets of competition clothes, and performances. With 99 sets of service, the athletes have won 18 medals (including gold medals) in many world-class competitions.

Related competition clothing was awarded the "best competition clothing" in Golden Skating, the world's largest mainstream figure skating forum in 2019.

  The mother of women's singles skater Chen Hongyi gratefully said to the research and development staff many times: "The clothes you designed are so beautiful!" The athletes who have experienced the competition clothes also said, "The current competition clothes design research is more thorough, and the tailoring is more advanced. It can show the physique of Chinese players, conforms to the technical and tactical characteristics, has a more refined design, and contains oriental cultural heritage."