Data map: Yao Ming.

Image source: Visual China client, March 1, according to the official news of the CBA League, on February 28, the CBA company held the CBA League Referee and Club Work Conference in Zhuji Division.

Yao Ming stated at the club work meeting that with regard to match style, discipline and referee management, it is necessary to adhere to the principle of "strictly technically demanding and severely punished in discipline" to provide a guarantee for the smooth progress of the league.

  At the referee and technical representative work conference and the third phase mobilization meeting held on the morning of the 28th, CBA CEO Zhang Xiong recognized the efforts and work accomplished by referees in the first two phases of the season.

He also emphasized that the third stage of the CBA League and subsequent matches will face greater challenges. Referees must have good professional ethics and professionalism, respect the game, and judge fairly. They must not be interfered by any bad factors. The objective result of the game will cause any impact.

The CBA company will do its duty, under the guidance of the Chinese Basketball Association, increase the training and management of referees, and contribute to the high-quality development of Chinese basketball.

  Yao Ming, Chairman of the Chinese Basketball Association and Chairman of the CBA Company, stated at the club work meeting that the CBA League has now gained the attention of the people across the country thanks to the efforts of several generations. The specific work should be continued along the current good development direction. The Chinese Basketball Association , CBA company is confident to work together with all participating parties to add luster to the league.

Regarding the style of the match and the management of referees, we must adhere to the principle of "strict technical requirements and severe punishment in discipline" to provide a guarantee for the smooth progress of the league.

  Zhang Xiong also affirmed the sacrifices and cooperation made by all teams and players for the league in the context of closed competitions under the centralized competition system.

After that, he focused on the summary of the game style and discipline issues exposed in the first two stages of the regular season of this season.

He said that with the increase in the intensity of the competition and the increase in attention, some disharmony and lack of professionalism have appeared in the league. Some team players have improper words and deeds against referees and technical representatives in the game, and even Treat questioning and punishment as a habit.

Some athletes use dirty movements, bad movements and other abnormal basketball skills on the court to hurt people.

  According to statistics, 22 coaches were counted 83.5 technical fouls in the first two stages of the regular season this season (including technical fouls by team members, each time 0.5 times registered under the head coach), and a total of 129 Players were fined 242 technical fouls, 171 players were fined 303 physical fouls, and 4 players were fined for disqualification fouls.

  Since the third stage of the regular season and subsequent matches involve the number of entries in the playoffs and the final playoff competition, the competition is bound to be more intense. While requiring participants to keep in mind the style and discipline of the game, it also puts forward a higher level of refereeing work. Claim.

The relevant person in charge of the referee office of the CBA Company introduced to all participating clubs the key points of refereeing and referee management methods for the third stage of the regular season and subsequent matches.

The relevant person in charge of the Chinese Basketball Association Referee Committee also stated that the Chinese Basketball Association will further sort out the referee management system from a macro level, including improving the communication platform between coaches and referees, and reflect management functions while serving the CBA league.

  In order to ensure the civilized and smooth progress of the forthcoming third stage of the regular season and the subsequent games, Zhang Xiong asked all participating clubs at the club work meeting: First, firmly maintain a high political position, and attach great importance to the style and discipline of the game. Start by yourself and become a role model for civilized and rational participation; secondly, starting from the overall situation of maintaining the healthy development of the league, the elimination of the competition style and discipline is the top priority of the competition.

Starting from the third stage of the regular season, incidents that seriously violate the rules of the game and cause adverse social impact will be dealt with at the top; third, the epidemic prevention and control should not be relaxed, all participants must have a unified understanding, attach great importance to it, and strictly abide by the country , Local and league regulations on epidemic prevention and control.

  In addition, Zhang Chi, President of CBA Athlete Development, also introduced the situation of the CBA League player registration window that just ended this season.

According to statistics, a total of 11 clubs have registered 22 players during the registration window of this season. From the beginning of the regular season of this season to the end of the registration window, a total of 11 registered players have terminated their employment contracts with the original club, and 6 of them are in the registration window. Claimed by the club and registered again.