Tendency to ease restrictions on sports in Germany

A preliminary draft resolution that followed a meeting between the federal government and German state governments hinted at the possibility of easing restrictions against the Corona pandemic for amateur players and popular sports.

The draft resolution was prepared by a group of German Chancellor Angela Merkel's office, the Finance Ministry, and the states of Berlin and Bavaria. The German news agency (DPA) obtained it from several independent sources.

According to reports, the draft resolution has not yet been approved by all states, but work will be done to reach a final decision in this regard during the closing talks tomorrow evening, Wednesday.

According to the third stage of the process of ending the lockdown, sports that do not have direct contact may be allowed and take place with the participation of small groups (up to ten people) in open spaces, as states can begin to apply them depending on their infection rates.

In the next step, it may be permitted to practice sports that do not have direct contact and are held inside the halls, as well as sports that are held in open spaces and that have direct contact, noting that sports activities were not taken into account during the first and second phases of ending the closure.

The draft resolution indicated that the third stage of ending the closure may be applied if the weekly infection rate remains steadily below 35, but steps to end the closure may be subject to restrictions in the event of high infection rates.

Sports in Germany have been subject to restrictions since November 2020, with only professional sports and without an audience allowed.

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