It has been just over a month since Sarah Sjöström had surgery for an elbow fracture after a slippery accident.

Now she is finally back in the water again and the rehabilitation is going as planned.

- It's moving forward.

Both my doctor and physiotherapist are happy with my progress, I also feel that it is progressing.

After the injury, it is to manage the small everyday things that motivate Sjöström.

- I'm learning ordinary everyday things right now, like brushing my hair and planing cheese myself.

You make little progress every day.

Yesterday at training I could not put on my bathing cap myself, so it is such a thing that will be the next goal to manage.

But I'm happy to be able to handle the little things, I can be very happy to be able to tie the shoes myself, she tells SVT Sport.

"I get stronger from challenges"

Sarah Sjöström believes that she will be strengthened by adversity.

- I have become stronger from the challenges I get.

This is the biggest challenge I have gone through as an elite athlete and I hope it will help me become stronger both mentally and physically.

Even if the rehabilitation goes well, it is important not to go too hard and risk a setback.

- It is difficult with the balance because I do not feel so much pain in the arm now.

I have asked my physiotherapist and doctor if I can really swim again but I do not get it.

I do not have time for a setback now because the Olympics are far too close.

So I have to have the rehab plan available.

Watch the report with Sarah Sjöström in Sportnytt at 18.28 on SVT2.

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Sarah Sjöström injured - must be operated on Photo: Bildbyrån