Tove Alexandersson has great success in orienteering and ski orienteering.

But for this season, she has fully devoted herself to her new sport, ski alpinism.

In the World Cup she chased the first victory, and at the end of February came both victory number one and two, which meant that she topped the overall World Cup - but in the World Cup in Andorra it stopped the victory train.

The loss in the last curve cost the podium

In the semifinals it was a tight race but Alexandersson managed to pinch a final place.

Once in the final, she went out strong, which was almost enough all the way.

It did not take long until she managed to create a gap between herself and the other riders.

But after a loss in the last curve, three skiers were past the Swede.

Swiss Marianne Fatton came in first place and Alexandersson finished in fourth.

ARCHIVE: Tove Alexandersson took the first victory in the new sport (20 Feb 2021):

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Tove Alexandersson received the gold medal in the Alps 2019. Photo: TT