Johaug had very big words after his crush.

- It is my best skate in my career, I had a great day, and to be able to do it in a context like this is fantastic, Johaug says to SVT Sport after his twelfth World Cup gold.

Karlsson was really included.

She made an attempt to go with the previously starting Johaug and halfway she was only 8.6 seconds behind, a distance that grew to 54.2 seconds in the finish.

Between second place Karlsson and sixth place Charlotte Kalla, for example, differed 22.1 seconds over 10 km free.

- You would feel my legs in the last uphill.

It was like a couple of logs I was going to pick up.

It was hard but fun, Frida blows through the mouth guard in the interview with SVT Sport. 

How was it to feel that the legs were like logs?

- Imagine that you nail the legs so that they are completely straight, it hurts a lot.

I tried to pick curves performing in fairly loose conditions, Karlsson describes the pain.

How did you think to cope?

- I go on pure will, it's kind of the head that goes more than me.

I had good times but was not sure until I was over the finish line.

"Got an even better start than in Seefeld"

You have two silver medals now.

How good is it?

- I have had a better start than even in Seefeld.

What will become of this? 

A bit further away in the spring-warm sunshine in Oberstdorf, Therese Johaug stands and gives victory interviews.

- It's sickly impressive.

It's just a matter of bowing and bowing to the sportswoman and the achievement she makes today, says Karlsson about the superior Norwegian.

There has been a nice tradition in the Swedish team.

- It is full in the kitchen to bake medal cakes, says Karlsson whose next task will be to guide the Swedish relay team past Norway on Thursday.

- We are really looking forward to the relay, says Karlsson with longing.