Coach Julien Stéphan, Stade Rennais president Nicolas Holveck, and technical director Florian Maurice here at Rozahon Park, June 22, 2020. -

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  • Julien Stéphan is no longer the Stade Rennais coach after his sudden resignation this weekend.

  • Surprised by this decision, the management of the Breton club tried, in vain, to change his mind.

  • The names of Bruno Genesio and Jocelyn Gourvennec are mentioned to take over.

Friday's defeat against Nice was therefore one too many for Julien Stéphan who decided to slam the door of Stade Rennais.

A sudden decision that surprised everyone within the Breton club.

"Very sincerely, I did not expect it", reacted this Monday afternoon in a press conference Nicolas Holveck, evoking "a personal and carefully considered decision".

"I do not agree with his analysis but he was firmly convinced that he was no longer the man for the job for Stade Rennais," explained the Rennes president.

He told us that he no longer felt capable of giving the group the necessary strength to continue to move forward and seek goals ”.

During the weekend, the shareholders and the management of the club tried to make him change his mind.

In vain.

“The objective was to continue the project with Julien of course but from the moment he had made his decision, it was just impossible to make him change his mind,” added Nicolas Holveck.

His deputy Philippe Bizeul will take over the interim

Eight months after his installation at the head of the club, the triumvirate formed by Nicolas Holveck, Florian Maurice and Julien Stéphan has therefore lost one of its heads.

"The coach will change but the project will continue on the same pattern," assured the Rennes president.

Following the departure of Julien Stéphan, it is his former assistant Philippe Bizeul who will take over the interim on the Rennes bench.

He will make his debut on Wednesday against Olympique Lyonnais, a club he left last summer to join Florian Maurice in Rennes.

“I did not come to Stade Rennais to do the interim, he said.

But now, the situation is such that I am an employee of the club, I was asked and I answer at the moment t ”.

The names of Genesio and Gourvennec mentioned

In the coming days, the Rennes managers will therefore set about finding a new coach.

As soon as Julien Stéphan's resignation was announced, their phone has already heated up.

"I have already received since this morning 70 texts and 70 proposals from coaches," said Florian Maurice.

The sports director assures us, however, that he does not want to “take a hasty decision” even if he already has his idea on the desired profile.

"He is someone who will be part of the Stade Rennais project, a coach who will be able to develop the game and players, to trust players from the training center," said the former Lyon striker.

Our dossier on Stade Rennais

“Like what Genesio did in Lyon?

», Pointed out a colleague.

"Among other things, yes, he was able to do that", replied Florian Maurice.

The name of Jocelyn Gourvennec, who knows the house well having played there between 2000 and 2002, is also mentioned to take over from Julien Stéphan.


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