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The pro baseball LG Twins reserved the judgment of the club's players, who were surrounded by suspicions that they had violated their co-workers during their school days.

The LG club announced that it had interviewed with the club's players who were allegedly accused of being abused, met with those who were alleging the damage, and carefully checked the facts through various channels to understand the situation at the time.

He also said that it was concluded that it was difficult to confirm the facts at the moment because it was greatly contradicted by the victims' claims when synthesizing the testimonies of officials at the time.

He added that he decided to withhold the judgment and wait for the result until all the procedures for clarifying the facts through legal response from the athlete were completed.

On the 21st of last month, Mr. A, who played in the baseball club in high school, claimed to the baseball-related internet community on the 21st of last month, "As a one-year junior in high school of B and C, we suffered from school abuse."

Mr. A also revealed his name and the names of his two current professional baseball players.

One was from LG and the other was from Doosan Bears.

The two clubs immediately met their club players to find out the truth, and the players denied the allegations.

The two clubs also met with the victims and those who were familiar with the situation several times to investigate the situation, but due to the limitations of the club investigation, the possibility of relying on the judgment of the law increased.

The LG club pledged to do its utmost in its social responsibility to prevent school violence as an act that should not and must be eradicated against school violence, which is the center of social issues in recent years.

He also announced that he will make every effort at the club level through education and guidance to eradicate all violence issues, including school violence, and to establish a team culture that cares for colleagues and opponents at the same time.