The Swedish ladies were favorites to win the sprint relay.

Many countries were up and challenged - but the sprint relay eventually became a settlement between Switzerland and Sweden - Nadine Fähndrich against Jonna Sundling.

Once in the race, Sundling was very strong.

She sprinted the World Cup gold to Sweden before Fähndrich.

It became Slovenian bronze.

Dramatic ending

It was an undramatic final - until the end of Jonna Sundling's second leg.

Then she put in a jerk and got a few meters down to the others.

Maja Dahlqvist went out with a small gap down to the quintet behind.

The Russian Ski Federation and Norway competed with Dahlqvist.

Julia Stupak was very strong and bombed uphill - but Dahlqvist answered.

Norway's Tiril Udens Weng could not catch up.

Norway disappeared and eventually became sixth.

Strongly asked by Lampic

Switzerland and Slovenia came behind - while Natalia Neprajeva could not answer.

Anamarija Lampic secured bronze for Slovenia after a strong sprint.

It is Sweden's third World Cup gold in sprint relay of all time.

Two years ago, Maja Dahlqvist and Stina Nilsson won in Seefeld.

The first gold in the sprint relay took Sweden in Oslo in 2011, when it was Ida Ingemarsdotter and Charlotte Kalla.