“Today I realized that I could run and win.

Even when I went to warm up, I realized that you can not warm up, but just start the race and do your job.

In the last climb I ran and with every movement I told myself that I should become the world champion, "Bolshunov said on the air of Match TV.

According to him, when he rolled onto the finish slope, he even had tears in his eyes, as he understood how close the victory was.

“I controlled the race all the time.

The main thing was to unhook Klebo so that it was easier at the finish line.

I managed to do it, and then the main thing was to be there, so that at the finish climb I could do everything I could, ”Bolshunov added.

Bolshunov won gold in the skiathlon, finishing in 1 hour 11 minutes 33.9 seconds.

For the Russian, this victory was the first at the world championships.

Earlier it was reported that Bolshunov's girl cried after his victory in the skiathlon at the World Cup in Oberstdorf.