Ki Sung-yong of FC Seoul, who is suspicious of sexual violence as an elementary school student, is starting in Jeonbuk and the season opening game.

Ki Sung-yong was named midfielder on the list of both teams announced ahead of the official opening game of K-League 1 between Jeonbuk and Seoul, which will be held at Jeonju World Cup Stadium.

Ki Sung-yong was suspicious of sexual violence against his soccer team's juniors when he was in elementary school, but he denied it all and announced a tough response policy.

Ki Sung-yong and Palosevich Na Sang-ho, Jo Yeong-wook Osmar, and Park Joo-young as the front line offensive players.

Go Kwang-min, Kim Won-gyun, Hwang Hyun-soo, Yun Jong-gu, and Yang Han-bin protect the goal.

In Jeonbuk, the'defending champion' Gustavo stands at the top, followed by Kim Bo-kyung, Han Gyowon, Ryu Jae-moon, Choi Young-jun and Lee Seong-yoon.

The defense consisted of Lee Ju-yong, Kim Min-hyuk, and Hong Jeong-ho, and Song Beom-geun wears the goalkeeper's gloves.

(Photo = Yonhap News)