client, February 26th, the Lantern Festival is coming, and the weekend is here at the end of February.

If there is no travel plan, the leisure time in the next two days can also let you accompany you with exciting sports events.

The following timetable is available for sports fans to reasonably arrange weekend watching plans (all Beijing time).

Manchester City released the official poster after breaking the record, the picture shows the screenshot of the poster

Five European Leagues

  Looking at European football, weekends can be described as lively.

The biggest thing to watch is whether the Premier League leader Manchester City can continue the winning streak.

In the early morning of the 25th, Manchester City defeated Borussia 2-0 in their away game, extending the winning streak on all fronts to 19 games, continuing to refresh this team history record.

Who can stop Manchester City from moving forward has become the biggest question in the European stadium right now.

Over the weekend, they will encounter a difficult opponent. West Ham United has a remarkable recent record, temporarily ranking fourth in the Premier League, which can be regarded as a powerful stumbling block.

  In addition, Chelsea and Manchester United will stage a strong dialogue between the two Premier League teams.

Barcelona, ​​with a two-point lead in one game, will directly face La Liga No. 4 Sevilla, and finally rise to the rankings, and will be handed over to their opponents if they are not careful.

Striving to win is the "bottom line" for Barcelona in this campaign.

In the West Second Division, the Spaniard is doing well, but Wu Lei has a hard time. He has been on standby for 7 consecutive rounds. The last 3 games have been sitting on the bench and have not been given a chance to debut.

What kind of circumstances await him this round?

Worthy of attention.

  Key game time

  27th 20:30 Premier League round 26 Manchester City-West Ham

  27th 23:15 La Liga round 25 Sevilla-Barcelona

  28th at 23:00 West Division 27th round of Sporting Gijon-Espanyol

  1st 00:30 Premier League round 26 Chelsea-Manchester United

Round of 16 in the Europa League.

Image source: Europa League official website

Europa League 1/8 finals draw

  In the early morning of the 26th, Beijing time, the Europa League 32 knockout round ended the last 15 games of the competition. Counting Tottenham, which finished a day earlier and qualified, all the 16 Europa League teams have emerged.

In the top 16 list, the five major league teams occupy 7 seats: 3 in the Premier League, 2 in La Liga, and 2 in Serie A, while the Bundesliga and Ligue 1 teams are all out.

Immediately afterwards, the draw for the 1/8 finals will be held at 20 o'clock in the evening of the same day. As there is no principle of avoiding the same country, whether the top three in the Premier League will meet has become the biggest suspense.

  At 20:00 on the 26th Europa League 1/8 finals draw ceremony

NBA regular season

  As the All-Star weekend is getting closer, the NBA rankings are getting fiercer, and the intensive schedule of special seasons is always testing the team and players. Frequent injuries and epidemic prevention measures threaten the league.

The Nets, with the Big Three in hand, have won 8 consecutive victories and have risen to second place in the Eastern Conference. The Western Conference leader Jazz has already won four games with the Los Angeles duo.

In addition, Jeremy Lin, who played for the Santa Cruz Warriors in the Development League, suffered from a back injury and has missed 4 consecutive games. When he comes back, it also concerns the hearts of Chinese fans.

  Key game time

  27th 08:30 NBA regular season Pacers-Celtics

  27th 11:00 NBA regular season Hornets-Warriors

  27th 11:00 NBA Regular Season Trail Blazers-Lakers

  28th 00:30 NBAG League Santa Cruz Warriors-Long Bay Nets

  28th 09:30 NBA regular season Lone Ranger-Nets

The official poster of the Snooker Players Championship.

Snooker Players Championship

  The 2021 Snooker Players Championship kicked off on the 23rd Beijing time at the Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes, England, and has ended 4 match days.

This event is limited to the top 16 players in a single season, and the championship prize is as high as 125,000 pounds.

As the schedule came to an end, the "Chinese Legion" led by Ding Junhui stopped regrettingly. A few days ago, O'Sullivan, who hated the Wales finals, reached the top 4 and looked forward to re-proving himself on the stage of the Players Championship.

  Competing time

  26th 21:00 Snooker Players Championship quarter-finals Selby Higgins

  27th 03:00 Snooker Players Championship semifinals Hawkins-O'Sullivan

  The winner of Wilson Selby Higgins in the semifinals of the Snooker Players Championship at 03:00 on the 28th

  28th 21:00 Snooker Players Championship Final

League of Legends LPL Spring Division Rankings (as of the evening of February 25)


  With its online advantages, e-sports has sprung up in the past year and has continuously expanded its audience.

This weekend, there are a lot of focus on e-sports. Among them, the prosperous League of Legends China mainland LPL spring game continues to usher in strong dialogues. IG, EDG, RNG, and FPX are fighting each other to provide a feast for e-sports fans. Opportunities, in addition, PUBG PGI.S Global Invitational and Dota2 DPC Pro Tour China Series are also worth looking forward to.

  Key event time

  19:00 on the 26th 2021LPL Spring IG-EDG

  12:00 on the 27th 2021PGI.S Global Invitational Week 3 Qualifying Day 1

  17:00 on the 27th 2021LPL Spring ES-TES

  19:00 on the 27th 2021LPL Spring RNG-FPX

  12:00 on the 28th 2021PGI.S Global Invitational Week 3 Qualifying Day 2

  19:00 on the 28th 2021LPL Spring SN-IG