The Netherlands did excellent business on the UEFA coefficient ranking list on Thursday evening.

Due to the victories of Ajax and PSV in the Europa League, the gap with number seven Russia can already be bridged in the next round.

Ajax won 2-1 against Lille OSC in the Johan Cruijff ArenA on Thursday evening and qualified for the eighth finals.

PSV also triumphed in-house, but the 2-1 victory over Olympiacos was not enough to continue.

Nevertheless, the Eindhoven players gave the Netherlands 0.4 points for the coefficient ranking, just like Ajax.

A win is worth 2.0 points, but that still has to be divided by the number of clubs with which the European season has started.

There are five for the Netherlands.

The Netherlands now stands at 38,000 points against the 38,382 points of Russia, which has no more clubs left in Europe and therefore can no longer take points for the coefficient ranking.

FC Krasnodar was eliminated in the Europa League by Dinamo Zagreb on Thursday-evening.

Due to the minimal difference, one victory for Ajax in the eighth finals is enough to take over seventh place from Russia.

It is not yet known who the Amsterdammers will meet in the diptych;

the draw is Friday at 1 pm in Nyon, Switzerland.

Stand on coefficient ranking list UEFA

  • 1. Spain - 93,855 points

  • 2. England - 93,140

  • 3. Italy - 73,438

  • 4. Germany - 72,570

  • 5. France - 55,248

  • 6. Portugal - 47,949

  • 7. Russia -38.382

  • 8. Netherlands - 38,000

  • 9. Belgium - 36,500

  • 10. Austria - 35,825

Also all Belgian clubs eliminated

While seventh place is within reach, the Netherlands no longer has to worry about the closest attacker Belgium.

The number eight is at 36,500 points and, just like Russia, has no clubs left in Europe.

Antwerp was eliminated by Rangers and Club Brugge stranded against Dinamo Kiev.

The Netherlands will benefit from performing well in Europe this season, because after this season the points gained from the 2016/2017 season will disappear.

Partly due to the final place of Ajax in the Europa League, 9,100 points were taken.

Russia will lose a little more points (9,200).

UEFA distributes European tickets to all countries based on the coefficient ranking.

If the Netherlands is in the top six, it is entitled to two direct Champions League tickets.

Number six Portugal, which just like the Netherlands has one club left in Europe (FC Porto in the Champions League), is a street-length ahead (47,949 points).

For the time being, the Netherlands is performing less well this season than in recent years.

Only in the dramatic 2017/2018 season - the Netherlands took only 2,900 points - it went less than now (8,000).

Ajax can therefore change that.


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