Before the Vasaloppet, the perfect condition for Marit Björgen had been to drive Marcialonga at the end of January, which did not happen.

Björgen had failed to sign up for the international doping system in and the miss despite the fantastic form cost her that comeback.

But Björgen was back in the ski world earlier than planned, and joined Norwegian TV2 as an expert for the World Ski Championships.

After that, it was speculated whether Björgen would participate in the Vasaloppet or not.

SVT Sport can now confirm that Marit Björgen will make her comeback in the Vasaloppet provided she does not get sick or injured, according to her coach Magnar Dalen.

- There is nothing to indicate that it will not be.

Then it's with her like everyone else, you have to be completely healthy and fresh when you go to the Vasaloppet.

There are a few days left to see that everything works.

Right now it is as it should be, he says and continues:

- She is preparing for the Vasaloppet.

She does the best she can, the thing has not been to try to win the Vasaloppet.

Without doing it when she is reasonably young and still has some exercise in her body.

"It can not be evaluated, it is completely hopeless"

During the Olympics, Björgen was able to ski the fastest of all in the whole world.

But, Björgen has never competed in a long race and in the Vasaloppet, Björgen will go three times longer than she has ever competed in.

What does her form look like before the race?


It is not possible to evaluate, it is completely hopeless to say if she can be on the podium, or if she will be five or ten.

I dare not guess, says Dalen.

Dalen believes that you either have the talent to go far, and that others do not.

- After the Vasaloppet, we will know much more if she had the talent for it, it will be exciting to see, he concludes.

Marit Björgen arrives in Sälen on March 5 for the final preparations for the Vasaloppet.

ARCHIVE: The sensation: Björgen makes a comeback in the Vasaloppet (26 May 2020)

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Björgen makes a comeback in the Vasaloppet Photo: NRK / BILDBYRÅN