On Monday, the quarter-final series in SDHL starts.

As if by chance, table four Djurgården and table five Linköping meet both in the playoffs and in the final round of the series.

Opportunity to push the opponent and get a mental advantage before the playoffs, or take the opportunity to rest players and not risk anything?

Chris Härenstam believes in the latter.

- The match means nothing.

You can lose by 1-6 and still it means nothing for what will happen in the playoffs.

Rickard Härdstam and Thomas Pettersen are two experienced coaches and I assume that they are dark.

I had not thrown a single ace out of my coat sleeve, says the commentator.

Härenstam instead believes in a match that will be interesting from a "development perspective".

- I had matched a b-team and a given ice age for juniors.

It is unnecessary to take risks and top the team.

The team can be injured.

If they line up with the best teams, I wonder how they get into the melee.

When the teams met almost two weeks ago, Djurgården won an even event with 2-1 after penalties.

Djurgården has five straight victories.

The match starts at 7.30 pm on SVT2.

20:00, a channel change to SVT24 takes place.

The entire broadcast can also be watched on SVT Play.