The final of the Russian Figure Skating Cup, which starts on Saturday in Moscow, should dot the i's on the question of the composition of the national team for the 2021 World Cup.

The main intrigue will unfold in the women's part of the tournament, where the main contenders for getting into the team are Alyona Kostornaya and Elizaveta Tuktamysheva.

On the eve of the competition, it was the ward of Alexei Mishin who won the virtual battle, not only forcing them to talk about themselves, but increasing the army of fans several times.

She took part in a candid shooting for the popular Maxim magazine and got on the cover of the March issue, which once again blew up the information space.

According to the athlete, representatives of the publication themselves contacted her agent with a proposal to take part in the photo session.

Tuktamyshev, she had long dreamed of such an experience and happily agreed, although at the same time doubts arose, of which, however, not a trace remained on the set.

“I felt very comfortable ... For girls, you need to create a certain atmosphere so that they are not constrained, not shy.

The mood outside of the shoot will be reflected in the photos as well.

Very cool make-up artists, dressers, and the photographer was amazing.

He exhibited the light beautifully, very modern, it was like art, ”Tuktamysheva shared her impressions in an interview with the Ice Room YouTube channel.

The skater admitted that the shooting helped her feel more confident, since before them she did not consider her body special.

She noted that it was interesting for her to look at herself from the outside.

That is why the athlete plans to print one photo for herself.

“Nature is beautiful.

If you love yourself, why can't you show it somehow beautifully, without vulgarity?

The female body is beautiful, I love the female body.

Not only my own, in principle I love women, ”added Tuktamysheva.

After the sensational show program of the 2018/19 season, during which the 2015 world champion took off the top of her suit and remained in a short skirt and top, the candid photo session could surprise few people.

According to the editor-in-chief of the magazine Alexander Malenkov, it was this issue that prompted him to think that "the girl likes light provocation and eroticism."

He turned out to be right, because, unlike many public figures, the skater immediately accepted the offer.

“We discussed different options, but the topic of ice cream came up pretty quickly.

Everything came together: cold, ice, figure skating, something sweet and mischievous.

I wanted to make a bright frivolous cartoon story, such pop art.

Usually six to seven plots are made, from which the final photos are selected, including the cover photo, "Malenkov quotes Metaratings.

Tuktamyshva also noted that she expects a different reaction to the photo session.

Indeed, opinions were divided.

Some condemned her for an overly frank image, allegedly unworthy of a professional athlete.

Others admired her courage.

At the same time, most of the representatives of the figure skating world sided with their colleague.

So, the champion of Sochi-2014, Yekaterina Bobrova, noted that not many people dare to do what Elizabeth does, and the silver medalist of the 2012 World Cup Alena Leonova assured that there is nothing shameful about such photographs.

Tuktamysheva's mentor Alexey Mishin commented on the situation.

He compared the pictures with works of ancient art.

“The female body of Tuktamysheva would have attracted the attention of men, probably even primitive ones.

Undoubtedly, in ancient times, it would give rise to a lot of creations in painting, which we would enjoy to this day.

I think that Liza's photo session can be attributed to the same range, ”- quotes Mishin Sport24.

Honored trainer of the USSR Tatyana Tarasova answered most sharply to the critics of Tukatmysheva.

She admitted that she liked the photoset herself.

“She has a very beautiful body, a great photo session.

Lots of angry comments?

And they care, they are her dad or mom?

She's a big girl.

Let everyone shut up and don't go where they don't need to.

Everything is very nicely done, great photos, and everything is professional.

I enjoyed it.

These are our beautiful figure skaters, "Tarasova said.

In turn, the 1988 Olympic champion Natalya Bestemyanova noted the positive component of the photo shoot for the whole figure skating in general.

Like the show program to the song Toxic, the candid photos will attract even more fans.

“Lisa glorifies and popularizes figure skating in this way.

Many skaters were filmed in such photo shoots.

You can remember Masha Butyrskaya, Ashley Wagner.

I am sure that the shooting was done with dignity and beauty.

I am generally calm about this.

They are paid money for this, but they must somehow live and earn, ”Bestemyanova said.

Tuktamysheva is not the first figure skater who decided on a candid photo shoot.

Katarina Witt, Tatyana Totmianina, Tatyana Navka and others took part in the shooting for magazines in different years.

And Maria Butyrskaya remembered how she herself went through this experience.

“Liza is beautiful, so the photos came out just gorgeous. I remember when I came and asked Elena Tchaikovskaya: "Can you imagine, I am offered to appear in an erotic magazine, what should I do?" She said: “Filming! When you want, it will be too late, and so in your life there will be things not related to figure skating. " But it was because of figure skating that I was then invited to appear in this magazine, and I took this step, which I do not regret, "said Butyrskaya.