The quarterfinals begin on March 3 and have now been given the go-ahead.

- We follow the same guidelines we had all season.

Now for the playoffs, we have other guidelines that we have not officially communicated.

The difference is that in the men's playoffs there is no possibility to postpone matches because it is a game every other day.

We have some reconciliation points, one we had yesterday.

If there were found covid-19 cases, we would have considered playing only three quarterfinals.

Now there were none but we play five matches, says the bandy association's league manager Per Selin to SVT Sport.

A similar reconciliation will be made before the semifinals, which begin on March 14.

Can be walkover matches in the playoffs

- Should covid cases occur during the quarter finals, they must be removed from the squad and quarantined.

It is not possible to move matches, but the team may line up with smaller teams.

If you are really drastic, you must be at least eight players to be allowed to line up in the match.

If you are unable to line up, you must leave WO, says Selin. 

There have been many covid cases in bandy.

Do you feel worried about the playoffs?

- Pepper pepper, we feel calmer because most people have had cases of this and received antibodies.

A large part of the troops, in some cases entire teams, have had the disease even though there may be a new wave.

Right now it feels pretty safe, says Selin.

Can be a final game indoors

The final will be played in Uppsala on March 27.

The association has not yet decided where the final will be played.

- We are facing the fact that we will not have an audience and want to create the best setting for the TV audience.

There are two options to choose from: Studenternas (the classic final arena) and Recoveryhallen.

Decisions on this will be made in the near future, says Selin.