It was on the fifth hole that the fateful triple bogey came.

Sörenstam's ball ended up under the gate of a neighbor and it was seven strokes she got in the ball on the par 4 hole.

She had to ask the judge how the situation should be assessed.

Sörenstams had a birdie chance was on the 13th hole, next to Henrik Stenson's house, but she was not close but the ball fell off the putt line and she had to settle for par in the bird chirp.

Then there was revenge on the 14th.

She made a contribution a few decimetres from the hole and smiled and waved to a few people, mostly neighbors and journalists, who followed the ball.

It then became a birdie and the son Will was delighted and smiled big.

Mother Annika gave a thumbs up.

"Annika is back" sang one of the spectators of them to pay tribute to the legend who went in a pure Swedish ball with Madelene Sagström and Anna Nordqvist.

The round is in progress and Sörenstam is currently at +3.

The lead has -4.