Atalanta coach Gian Piero Gasperini here during a match in Napoli on February 3, 2021. -

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Gian Piero Gasperini, Atalanta coach, does not digest at all the red card inflicted on Remo Freuler in the 17th minute of the round of 16 first leg of the Champions League against Real Madrid (0-1) on Wednesday.

The Italian did not mince his words after the meeting, at the microphone of Sky Italia.

“There is bitterness in not having been able to play the expected match.

The match was clearly marred by an excessive episode, he said in reference to the expulsion of his player.

On offside, there is no further discussion.

On hand errors, we found a framework.

The contacts remain… For me, this is a gesture that cannot be withdrawn from football.

There is the temptation to withdraw all forms of contact and this is suicide for football.

I'm not going to say anything because UEFA is going to suspend me, but this is suicide for football.


"If they don't understand that, let them do another job"

Freuler was sent off for pushing Ferland Mendy at the entrance to the penalty area, while the French side was in a good position but was not heading quite towards the goal either.

An unjustified red card according to Gasperini.

“We cannot have referees who cannot distinguish a fault from a contact.

If they don't understand that, that they do another job, there is no need to be an engineer at NASA to understand that, ”he said.

His anger also comes from the fact that Casemiro, already warned, could also have been kicked out a little later after a crude simulation.

Even if it was in the last ten minutes, it would have felt more fair to the Italian coach.

He and his team are now doomed to the feat when they return to Madrid.

"We are in the best possible position because there is only one possible result, we have to win", wants to believe (nevertheless) Gasperini.


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