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PSV-Olympiacos · in 6 days

84 'Olympiacos is insisting more and more.

PSV, including extra time, must continue for about ten minutes.

PSV-Olympiacos · in 6 days

Post and bar, how long will this continue to go well for PSV?

There is no shortage of happiness for the people of Eindhoven.

However, the margin is minimal.

in 6 days

PSV-Olympiacos · in 6 days

80 'Olympiacos is getting more dangerous.

Now El Arabi can almost score, but that is prevented by Viergever at the last minute.

PSV-Olympiacos · in 6 days

78 'On the crossbar!

PSV swine again.

Fortounis's free kick is out of reach for Mvogo, but just a little too high.

PSV-Olympiacos · in 6 days

75 'Still fifteen minutes to go in the Philips Stadium, where PSV still leads 2-0 against Olympiacos.

Outside the ball on the post of Camara, PSV did not give away many chances after the break, but one goal from Olympiacos could already be fatal.

PSV-Olympiacos · in 6 days

PSV is recovering after a difficult start to the second half.

With this standings, the Eindhoven residents are virtually in the next round.

PSV-Olympiacos · in 6 days

66 'Max is close to 3-0, but his free ball just whizzes past.

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PSV-Olympiacos · in 6 days

61 'Thomas's cross reaches the far post, where it is too difficult for Malen to get the ball on goal.

However, Götze had the ball for the header, so the PSV top scorer could have let the ball run better.

Bayer Leverkusen-Young Boys · in 6 days

Problems for Peter Bosz and Bayer Leverkusen.

Shortly after halftime, the German formation is 0-1 behind Young Boys and will now have to score at least two more goals to reach the eighth finals.

PSV-Olympiacos · in 6 days

57 'PSV is not as dominant after the break as in the first half, but Malen now gets a chance in the switch.

He shoots the ball against goalkeeper Jose Sa.

PSV-Olympiacos · in 6 days

50 'PSV gets away very well there.

After a good action by Bruma, Camara hits the post.

The rebound is blocked by Viergever.

PSV-Olympiacos · in 6 days

46 'The ball rolls again at PSV-Olympiakos.

PSV is deservedly 2-0 ahead by two goals from Eran Zahavi and is on track to qualify for the eighth finals of the Europa League.

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PSV-Olympiacos · in 6 days

🔥 - Eran Zahavi has now scored 4 times against Olympiacos on behalf of @PSV.

One PSV player ever scored 5 times in a double European match: Ronaldo against MyPa in the 1995/1996 UEFA Cup (1 away and 4 home).



Avatar AuthorGracenoteNetherlandsMoment of places20: 55 - February 25, 2021

Europa League · in 6 days

And it is quiet on the other European fields as well.

All the results in a row: 

  • AC Milan-Red Star 1-1 (3-3)

  • AS Roma-Braga 1-0 (3-0)

  • Bayer Leverkusen-Young Boys 0-0 (3-4)

  • Club Brugge-Dinamo Kiev 0-0 (1-1)

  • Dinamo Zagreb-Krasnodar 1-0 (4-2)

  • Leicester City-Slavia Prague 0-0 (0-0)

  • Manchester United-Sociedad 0-0 (4-0)

  • PSV-Olympiacos 2-0 (4-4)

PSV-Olympiacos · in 6 days


Two hits from Eran Zahavi put PSV virtually in the eighth finals of the Europa League.

Last week, the Israeli also took care of both hits for the Eindhoven team.

PSV-Olympiacos · in 6 days

44 'GOAL PSV! 


What a great goal!

Zahavi beautifully paints the ball from a free kick in the intersection.

PSV is virtually in the next round.

Shakhtar-Maccabi · in 6 days

We had almost forgotten what it looked like, but earlier in the evening thousands of supporters sat in the stands at Shakhtar Donetsk-Maccabi Tel Aviv.

The home team won 1-0 against the Israeli formation and thus qualified for the last sixteen of the Europa League.

in 6 days

PSV-Olympiacos · in 6 days

39 'PSV remains the better team, but Olympiakos makes the spaces very small, especially in the middle.

So the space is on the side and Thomas is now coming through that.

However, he does not find a teammate.

PSV-Olympiacos · in 6 days

32 'PSV completely dominates, but out of nowhere Olympiakos almost comes to the same level.

After a smart assumption, Bruma neglects to hurt his actual employer.

He slides the ball wide.

PSV-Olympiacos · in 6 days

The goal of Zahavi in ​​the picture.



Eran Zahavi is doing it again against Olympiacos!

The striker gives PSV what it needs;

an early lead.

# RTL7 #UEL #psvoly


Avatar Author VTBL ⚽Moment of places20: 31 - 25 February 2021

PSV-Olympiacos · in 6 days

PSV has an excellent first half hour in Eindhoven.

A goal from Eran Zahavi deserves the Eindhoven team a 1-0 lead.

The formation of trainer Roger Schmidt of course still needs at least one goal for a place in the last sixteen.

PSV-Olympiacos · in 6 days

31 'Again a good attack by PSV.

Boscagli releases Max on the left, but his cross on Malen is just too sharp.

in 6 days

PSV-Olympiacos · in 6 days

25 'PSV rewards itself with the 1-0 for a phase in which it became increasingly stronger.

Can Roger Schmidt's team push through now?

PSV-Olympiacos · in 6 days

23 'GOAL PSV! 


There is the opening goal for PSV!

Zahavi makes a beautiful header from a corner and thus halves the deficit of the Eindhoven team.

PSV-Olympiacos · in 6 days

20 'Rosario puts Malen alone in front of the keeper, but central defender Ba prevents the opening goal with a good tackle.

It is the greatest opportunity for PSV so far.

PSV-Olympiacos · in 6 days

The turf in the Philips Stadium has sometimes been better.

It is raining heavily in Eindhoven.

PSV-Olympiacos · in 6 days

15 'After a touched cross from the right, El Arabi towers above Teze, but he heads wide.

PSV-Olympiacos · in 6 days

PSV choose the attack early on in this crucial match with Eran Zahavi.

The Eindhoven team will have to score at least two goals today.

PSV-Olympiacos · in 6 days

10 'First good opportunity for PSV.

Malen is sent off on the edge of offside, cleverly gets the back line and puts back on Zahavi.

The Israeli shoots over a meter.

Bayer Leverkusen-Young Boys · in 6 days

In North Rhine-Westphalia, Bayer Leverkusen started the home game against Young Boys at 9 p.m.

The formation of trainer Peter Bosz has to make up for a 3-4 deficit.

PSV-Olympiacos · in 6 days

6 'The first few minutes went fairly smoothly.

Max has already received a yellow card after a foul in midfield.

PSV-Olympiacos · in 6 days

1 'Kick-off!

 Can PSV follow the example of Ajax and qualify for the eighth finals of the Europa League?

For that, the team from Eindhoven must beat Olympiacos by two goals.

PSV-Olympiacos · in 6 days

"The plan is to win by two goals difference", PSV coach Roger Schmidt jokes when asked by


about his game plan.

"We have to play offensive, but that has always been our plan. We are well prepared, very motivated and all want to fight for a place in the next round."

PSV-Olympiacos · in 6 days

We are shifting the focus to Eindhoven, where PSV has to make up a 4-2 deficit against the Greek champions Olympiacos.

Ajax-Lille · in 6 days

Ajax qualifies for the last sixteen after a blood-curdling fight. EL

Ajax assures itself of a place in the last sixteen in the Europa League in Amsterdam.

Erik ten Hag's team settles 2-1 against Lille in the Johan Cruijff ArenA, after they also won 2-1 in France last week.

Davy Klaassen opens the score before half-time, but fifteen minutes before the end, Ajax still runs into problems after Yusuf Yazıcı scores from a penalty kick.

In the final phase, David Neres determines the final score.

Ajax-Lille · in 6 days

90 + 3 'Ajax will no longer get into problems.

The team from Amsterdam play the game quietly after Neres' 2-1.

Ajax-Lille · in 6 days

90 'Five minutes are added in this match.

It must go very strange if Ajax wants to get into trouble.

Ajax-Lille · in 6 days

88 'GOAL Ajax! 


Ajax decides the match!

David Neres takes care of the 2-1 from the rebound, after Brobbey still encountered Maignan.

Ajax-Lille · in 6 days

86 'Ajax is no longer coming from its own half.

Now David gets dangerous, but his shot is blocked.

Ajax-Lille · in 6 days

86 'Lille insists and gets a free ball, but Ajax gets the ball away.

Ajax-Lille · in 6 days

84 'Klaassen almost takes care of the liberating 2-1, but Botman throws himself in front of the Ajax player at the last moment.

Ajax-Lille · in 6 days

Trainer Erik ten Hag still has to survive with his team for just under ten minutes.

These are thrilling closing minutes in the Johan Cruijff ArenA.

Ajax-Lille · in 6 days

77 'GOAL Lille! 


Yazici uses the penalty kick and Lille comes to the same level.

Lille now only needs one goal to force an extension.

Ajax-Lille · in 6 days

76 'Penalty kick Lille!

Martinez runs down David in the sixteen.

The Scottish referee Collum initially waves it away, but points to the dot after consulting the screen.

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