Linn Svahn has been by far the world's best sprinter this season, and won four straight races before crashing in Ulricehamn and injuring her shoulder.

Thus, she was clearly the gold favorite for her World Cup debut today.

But there was an outing already in the semifinals, where she finished last.

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Linn Svahn eliminated in the World Cup semi-final Photo: TT

"Talk for half an hour"

In the interview with SVT Sport after the race, she was very concise, and said "Now I'll probably just call Ola and talk".

Ola is called Ravald by his last name, and is Svahn's coach.

And shortly after the duo finished talking, SVT Sport got hold of Ravald, who of course had followed Svahn's race in Oberstdorf.

- Yes, we have talked for half an hour and reasoned about a few different things.

It's clear: She's had this as her big goal all season, and when she feels that her body is not responding and she's not where she wants to be, she's disappointed.

But she was clear that it is above all that she does not feel that she herself does not perform in the body, and that she is not where she wants to be, that is what she is most frustrated with herself, says Ravald, and continues:

- And you understand that.

That is the thing now, when she will try to perform at a World Cup.

"No optimal charge"

SVT Sports expert Anders Blomquist was of the opinion that the shoulder injury Svahn sustained in Ulricehamn may have been recorded.

There is nothing that Ola Ravald wants to establish, but he acknowledges that it is a possibility:

- You can reason and think about a lot of possible causes, of course, but it is not an optimal charge to be injured and may not be able to train what you want to do.

And especially when you can not ski with the upper body.

But Linn is extremely good at still seeing new opportunities and rethinking her thoughts and approach, he says, and develops further:

- So she has probably done what she has been able to from there on.

But I must be clear that it is of course not optimal to go on such an injury, it is not.

But we said we can not blame it.

But the day was not there, quite simply.

How much has it affected the training?

You said she could not ski with her upper body?

- She had a week where she could not use her upper body at all.

Then it is a start-up phase of three to four days where you increase the load gradually.

So she has probably been in full phase with her upper body for about a week.

"Did not get that far"

Now there are five distances left for the ladies in the long distance WC.

Whether Svahn will run all of these remains to be seen.

- We have not come that far at all yet.

I have only talked as hastily with (Anders, the national team manager) Byström, and it is the guys down there who have to look at what they think is best for the team as a whole.

These are the medals you should go for, and Linn is ready for that, he says, and continues:

- So we'll see how they think.

Now Jonna (Sundling, gold in the sprint) and Johanna (Hagström, four in the sprint) were very strong today, and it was very fun.

So we'll see how they reason further, we'll get to take it from there.