[Gollum] Chukdeok Sukdeok 115:'Abusive Controversy' Son Heung-min, data suggests that this was it?

Son Heung-min, who played a murderous schedule in the Premier League, FA Cup, and Europa League, is continuing'excessive controversy'.

On the 21st, Son Heung-min was physically exhausted in the away game against West Ham in the Premier League. 

Along with Son Heung-min's'silence', Tottenham's sluggishness continues.

Congratulations Deoksugdeok analyzed Son Heung-min's'excessive controversy' from various angles through data.

The K League will finally start on the 27th.

Will the K-League Champion Jeonbuk and Asian Champion Ulsan compete to win last season, will this year continue?

I pointed out the points for watching the K-League.

Reporter Joo Young-min, announcer Ju Ji-eun, reporter Ha Seong-ryong, and writer Park Jin-hyung participated. 

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00:06:02 Listeners Question: ① Why does overseas soccer start at 15 and 45 minutes, not on the hour?

00:12:08 Audience question: ② Lee Seung-woo's K-League loan failure

00:18:04 Audience question: ③ Kim Hak-beom contract

00:27:35 Issue focus: ① Son Heung-



00:40:47 Issue focus : ② Start K-League review!

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