Former coach of Chile and Argentina, Jorge Sampaoli should land soon in Marseille to become the future coach of Olympique de Marseille.

His hot, even volcanic temperament, and his extreme demands on his players should appeal to OM supporters.

Stocky, with a shaved head and tattooed arms.

Jorge Sampaoli is a volcanic look and attitude.

The Argentinian, who has announced his departure from Atletico Mineiro club in Brazil, is expected to arrive by the end of the week on the bench of Olympique Marseille.

The Argentinean has spent most of his career in South America - he won the Copa America with Chile - but he arrives above all with a sacred reputation.

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At 60, Jorge Sampaoli is still capable of Homeric anger.

Last weekend, for example, in the middle of a match, he jumped from his bench and entered the pitch to insult the referee of the match, to whom he challenged a penalty.

The images make Internet users happy.

Sampaoli, excluded, spend the last moments of the meeting hanging on a security fence to shout his instructions.

Think of Jorge Sampaoli with Turpin, Varela and Letexier

- Scipio (@Scipionista) February 21, 2021

"He learns to be a pit bull, requires a lot of physical commitment"

The former Argentina coach simply applies to himself what he asks of his players, an extreme requirement, as evidenced by defender Adil Rami.

In an interview with the newspaper La Provence, the defender champion of the world details their common year at Sevilla FC, the only European experience of Jorge Sampaoli.

"He is learning to be a pit bull, requires a lot of physical commitment", explains the former OM.  

And beware of those who don't follow his instructions or don't put enough heart into them.

His philosophy is inspired by his model, a certain Marcelo Bielsa, nicknamed "El Loco" and former coach of… OM, then adored by the fans.

In short, on paper, Jorge Sampaoli has everything to quickly put the Marseille supporters in the pocket.