It was after the sprint qualifier in the World Cup competition in Falun that Lotta Udnes Weng got angry with Linn Svahn.

The Norwegian thought that Svahn stopped her by going ahead in the riot.

Svahn went on, Udnes Weng did not.

Afterwards, the 24-year-old Norwegian was really annoyed.

- I'm pissed.

Linn as such a strong skier can choose his own track, Udnes Weng said afterwards.

"Not talking"

On Thursday they meet again.

But they have not cleaned the air after the incident in January.

- I have not talked to Linn after that, says Lotta Udnes Weng at a press conference before the championship.

Linn Svahn was not punished in any way for the incident.

Aftonbladet asked Udnes Wengom she thinks the jury will be tougher in their assessments during the World Cup.

- I do not know if the jury will be stricter.

But you are allowed to hope so.

So that you can avoid such situations, she says.

ARCHIVE: Norwegian annoyed at Svahn (January 31)

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Norwegian annoyed at Svahn: "I get pissed off" Photo: Bildbyrån