Sweden came home from the biathlon world championships on Monday with six fresh medals in their luggage.

They have had a tough competition schedule and competed under great pressure.

Therefore, a challenging period now awaits where you will try to recover and at the same time recharge for the World Cup next weekend.

- It will be difficult now, you have to say, absolutely.

But in another way we are so happy that we can compete so much especially in these times, says Johannes Lukas.

"Need to land"

He says that the riders will be completely free in the coming days.

- We now need to land and charge the batteries this week.

We will run a small speed pass on Sunday or Monday.

But in the coming days, we will need to rest our heads and not focus too much on next week.

How is the form among the riders, are there any injuries?

- It is difficult to answer right now.

It is usually three or four days later that you see if someone is very tired or if you can start training again.

Been gone for over two months

Hanna Öberg had a lack of form during the WC, someone who was later explained by insufficient recovery of her father.

There is a risk that the same thing happens to the other riders or that someone becomes ill when you let the body rest completely.

- It is mentally that you toil the most.

One should not forget that they have been gone for seven weeks.

It gets tough for the body to come home and really do nothing.

Then there is often the risk of getting sick.

We will see during the week if everyone stays on their feet, says Johannes Lukas.

CLIP: Relive Sweden's successful WC

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The Swedish Biathlon National Team celebrated six times in Pokljuka, Slovenia Photo: Bildbyrån