Al-Jabri: The match between Bani Yas and Al-Ahly youth must be repeated. What happened is the summit of the farce

A member of the Board of Directors of Bani Yas Football Company, Ahmed Al-Jabri, called for a rematch of his team's match against Shabab Al-Ahly in the semi-finals of the President's Cup, which he lost with a goal without a response, explaining that Bani Yas was subjected to a great injustice from the match referee, Hamad Ali Youssef.

Al-Jabri said in a press statement, that: "With all my respect for the Shabab Al-Ahly team, but it did not win over Bani Yas, and the referee of the match corrupted the work done by the Al-Samawi administration since the beginning of the season, to equip the team that everyone watched at the level it appeared."

He talked about the possibility of filing a protest note against the ruling, and said: “The wasl filed a protest note in the past, and it has not been answered yet, so what is the use of us submitting a protest without having a positive result for it,” adding: “A penalty must be imposed. The referee must not only deduct a sum of money from the match management bonus, and it is explicitly forbidden for this referee to run matches in the second division following the prejudice he committed against the Bani Yas team, as what happened in the match is the ultimate farce. "

He continued: "I ask the question to the Chairman of the Referees Committee, Ali Hamad, which is why the referee did not use video technology in the cases assigned to Baniyas, and despite the suspension of play for a period of up to five minutes when the team scored a goal in the first half, but the referee did not review the" mouse "himself. A correct goal was canceled, and the same thing happened again not counting a correct penalty kick for Baniyas in the second half.

He explained: "At a time when Bani Yas started organizing his ranks and putting pressure on Al-Ahly youth, the referee expelled the player Khamis Al Hammadi, which is a valid expulsion, but the decisions on his part were in one direction only against Bani Yas."

He added, "I think that the message came to us from the Football Association, the Competitions Committee and the Referees Committee, and we saw what happened with regard to the screens designated for the Bani Yas fans that were closed while the screens of the Al-Ahly youth audience were opened only."

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