The World Cup starts on Thursday and the idea was that the sprint prologues would start at 12.45.

But since it is expected to be upwards of 20 plus degrees and a real slump in the tracks, the international rights holder Infront has pressed to move the start time to nine o'clock in the morning.

Markus Cramer, who trains the Russian skiers, agrees that the competitions should start earlier in the day.

- It will make it fairer.

For sprint it is not such a big problem, but later there will be even more different conditions.

The sun will be very strong in the afternoon, Cramer tells NRK.

"We can not do anything about it"

Johannes Høsflot Kläbo is not worried about the start times.

- The conditions are as they are, and we can not do anything about it.

It must be up to those who make the decisions.

Conditions yesterday were completely optimal, he says at a press conference.