Öxabäck was the dominant club when women's football was young.

Ebba Andersson was part of Öxabäck's women's team from the very first training in 1966.

"It was Kerstin Johnson who called and wanted to come with me.

I grew up with football ", she has previously told Borås Tidning.

"Loved football"

In Öxabäck, Andersson quickly became an acclaimed profile.

-Mom did not really want to be in the center, but she loved football and thought it was so fun.

The love never ended.

In recent years, Zlatan was her super idol, her daughter Mary Andersson tells Borås Tidning.

Periodically, so much was written about Ebba Andersson that many realized that she was the one who started women's football in Sweden.

Mary Andersson got to participate and win two Swedish Championship golds with her mother.

Partly the first official championship ever - 1973. Partly the Swedish Championships two years later.

There, Ebba saved her daughter.

-Yes you.

She really did, says Mary.

The Swedish Championship final away against Jakobsberg in 1975 was decided after a penalty shootout.

Then 15-year-old Mary took one of the first - and missed.

In the final round, it was mother Ebba's turn.

Goals and the gold would go to Öxabäck.

She has told BT about the punishment:

Mary had missed her and cried.

Then it was my turn, I who had never before imposed a penalty. "

"Mom decided"

The then 39-year-old veteran certainly hit the gold goal at one post.

-It was amazing.

First they cried because they had missed their punishment, then out of joy that their mother decided, says Mary to Borås Tidning.

When Ebba Andersson was 37 years and eight months old, she had to wear the captain's armband in Sweden's very first international match on the women's side.

Finland was the opposition and the match was played in Mariehamn in 1973. It was also her only international match.

Last Friday, Ebba Andersson passed away.

In an email to Borås Tidning, Pia Sundhage, successful both as a player and leader, pays tribute to Andersson's memory.


I have played both with and against her and I will always remember her as a stately, skilled and special woman - with a warm smile.

She was the pioneer who personified women's football and its cradle located in Öxabäck. "