Jürgen Klopp thinks there is no man overboard after Liverpool's painful 0-2 defeat in the Merseyside Derby.

Rival Everton booked a victory at Anfield for the first time since 1999 on Saturday and gave 'The Reds' their fourth defeat in a row in the Premier League.

Liverpool seemed to have found the way up again with the Champions League victory at RB Leipzig (0-2) on Tuesday, but four days later it went wrong again.

Richarlison opened the score on behalf of Everton in the third minute and Gylfi Sigurdsson used a penalty seven minutes before the end.

"With the first goal we should have defended better. That goal determined the game and that was really unnecessary. But we also showed enough good things", Klopp emphasized after the lost derby in conversation with

Sky Sports


"We just weren't calm enough. If we talk about this game in detail for an hour, you find out that 90 percent was positive. But 10 percent was not good and we have to change that, because that 10 percent makes the difference in the result. . "

Richarlison put Everton ahead early on.

Richarlison put Everton ahead early on.

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Liverpool equals bad 1923 run

This season volatility is trump card at Liverpool, but in recent weeks the reigning champion seems to have lost his way completely.

This month they also lost to Brighton & Hove Albion (0-1), Manchester City (1-4) and Leicester City (3-1).

The loss to Everton already marked Liverpool's fourth consecutive home loss in the league.

The last time that happened was in 1923. Liverpool also failed to score for the fourth time in the last five home matches.

"I know how important this game is and we all feel it strongly now," said Klopp.

"But from Sunday I will only continue with the good things we have shown. In the decisive moments, we just have to do better."

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