For the first time, the World Volleyball Federation FIVB is organizing a World Tour tournament in beach volleyball in Doha for women in March.

But Germany's best duo will not take part.

Julia Sude (33) and Karla Borger (32) announced that they would not travel to the emirate.

As a reason they cite the Qatar's dress code.

The authorities have ordered the participants to play in knee-length pants and T-shirts instead of their usual sports bikinis.

Borger told the “Spiegel”: “We should say within 24 hours whether we would play in long clothes.

But we didn't know whether they meant tank tops, T-shirts, cycling shorts or tights. "


The FIVB confirmed the dress code - the association wanted to respect the guidelines from Qatar and thus the country's traditions.

According to the world association, the players were asked in advance: “We only received positive feedback.

The players very much welcome the initiative to hold a tournament in Doha for the first time. ”That is probably not entirely true.

"Up to 30 degrees as early as March"

Borger explains: “Our sport is damn exhausting.

We adapt in every country where we can.

But we're just not used to playing with these clothes at temperatures like this. "Sude added:" We don't want to wear that.

It's not about wearing little or not.

The point is that we cannot do our work in our work clothes.

I don't understand. ”In March, temperatures in Doha can be as high as 30 degrees Celsius.

The duo is particularly annoyed that in Qatar there are apparently double standards.

"At the 2019 World Athletics Championships, the sprinters also started their job in their normal work clothes," said Sude.

When asked, it was said that there was a special permit from the royal family at the time.