Shogo Nakamura, who has been appointed as the men's marathon representative for the Tokyo Olympics, will miss the Lake Biwa Mainichi Marathon on the 28th of this month due to pain near the ankle on his left foot.

28-year-old Nakamura won the MGC = Marathon Grand Championship and was appointed as the representative of the Tokyo Olympics.

The Lake Biwa Mainichi Marathon on the 28th of this month was the first full marathon for Nakamura in about a year and a half since MGC, and attention was paid to what kind of run he would make toward the Tokyo Olympics.

However, Nakamura had been suffering from pain near the ankle of his left foot during practice from the end of last month, so when he was diagnosed by a doctor four days ago, he was diagnosed with fibularis muscle spasmitis.

The pain has already subsided and it is expected that he will be able to resume light exercises such as jogging from next week, but he decided to miss the Lake Biwa Marathon every day.

Nakamura commented through his affiliation, "I decided to miss to avoid the risk of serious breakdown. First of all, I would like to improve the condition and continue practicing for the Tokyo Olympics." ..