It was in the riot in the mixed relay last week that Hanna Öberg got in just before the Ukrainian Olena Pidhrushna and took home the bronze for Sweden.

Pidhrushna was angry after the race.

- It is completely unsportsmanlike and I have never experienced anything so cheeky and rude, she said about the Swede's actions.

In today's single mixed relay, Öberg went out just before the Ukrainian Blasjko after the last shot.

This time too, the Swede emerged victorious from the fight between the countries.

- I think it was fun with Ukraine on the sprint.

We have a little beef with them.

It was fun to watch.

2-0 now as well, says Öberg's teammate Sebastian Samuelsson.

CLIP: Ukrainian anger against Hanna Öberg

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Ukrainian anger against Hanna Öberg.

Photo: Bildbyrån.