Liverpool with a fire-rated setback was forced to make a couple of new acquisitions in the January window.

It took a couple of weeks but now Ozan Kabak got his first Premier League minutes for Liverpool.

It went perfectly well, in just over 80 of them.

Then a long ball steamed down between him and an intoxicating Alisson Becker.

Jamie Vardy took advantage of the momentary confusion and lack of communication and rolled in 2-1 in an open goal.

Four minutes later, Ozan Kabak canceled the offside when Leicester countered - Harvey Barnes finished 3-1 and Liverpool's collapse was complete.

Liverpool took the lead with dream goals

It looked much more fun 20 minutes earlier.

Roberto Firmino spun up the Leicester defense and heeled the ball to Mohamed Salah who placed 0-1 behind a hitherto great-playing Kasper Schmeichel.

Liverpool looked like they could break their difficult league trend from time to time.

However, the defense were on their toes and allowed no space for a finish.

Three minutes later came the decisive defensive miss.

Leicester climbs to a temporary second place in the table.

Liverpool now have three straight losses and could lose fourth place to chasing Chelsea.