Direct report · Winter studio: WC winter 12/02


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25 min08.46

Start number Swedes, U20 5km:

40. Moa Hansson

62. Lisa Ingesson

81. Märta Rosenberg

83. Tilde Bångman

SVT · Hannes Nyberg

18 tim14.54

Friday's remaining highlights:

JVM length:


JVM Length, U20, 5 km, freestyle, ladies (SVT Play)


JVM Length, U20, 10 km, freestyle, men (SVT Play)


JVM Length, U23 10 km , freestyle, ladies (SVT Play)


JVM Length, U23, 15 km, freestyle, men (SVT Play)



WC Skeleton, ladies, Altenberg (SVT Play)


WC Snowboardcross, team competition, Idre

13 : 45:

Winter studio: WC winter, André Pops


WC Biathlon, sprint, 10 km, men


Winter studio: WC magazine (SVT2)

SVT · Robin Söderlund

1 min09.10

20 over nine, the first Swede, Moa Hansson, goes out.

SVT · Hannes Nyberg

1 min09.10

How come Russia competes under the name Russia and Russian flag in cross-country skiing, but in eg skating world championships they are called RSU and have a special flag?


Hi Ester!

These are "major international championships" they are suspended from, so for example in the ongoing biathlon world championships, the Russian federation's team is called.

The Junior World Championships in cross-country skiing apparently do not belong to that category.

SVT · Hannes Nyberg

3 min09.08

Blomkvist has said several times that Tove Eriksson was not allowed to participate in JVM.

Would be good to get a little more about this.

Can be interpreted as a great injustice?

Stefan Schoultz

It is probably still no more than a selection, but a criticized one.

SVT · Hannes Nyberg

4 min09.06

Will there be restrictions on the number of branches in Cortina?


Not as it looks now, but there is a pain limit for how much can be postponed.

May hope for nice weather in the future!

SVT · Hannes Nyberg

6 min09.05

There are many who have missed the talent Tove Ericsson, who did well at the Swedish Championships, here at JVM.

Today she could have asserted herself, says Blomquist.

The 17-year-old finished seventh at the Swedish Championships.

SVT · Hannes Nyberg

8 min09.03

At the same time as the first skier left, the women's skeleton competition at the WC in Altenberg also started.

Feel free to check it out!

Bob: World Cup - Skeleton

From skeleton, ladies, in Altenberg, Germany.

Commentator: Niklas Nord.

Expert: Per-Anders Scheele.

Go to article

SVT · Hannes Nyberg

9 min09.01

And NOW the competition is underway.

The Canadian Luxmoore first out in Vuokatti where the sun is trying to fight its way up to fifteen degrees below zero.

SVT · Hannes Nyberg

10 min09.01

"We know that there are four really good girls. Everyone has asserted themselves well. We have the right to have high expectations, but we know that Russians and Norwegians will be really good. But if the Swedes have a good day and good skis, they should be able to participate and fight for the medals ".

There you have the analysis before by expert Anders Blomquist.

SVT · Hannes Nyberg