Mbappé's PSG quietly imposed itself against OM.



  • Paris Saint-Germain beat Olympique de Marseille 2-0 on Sunday night in the 100th classico in history. 

  • PSG were able to capitalize on their qualities by scoring quickly while OM played eye to eye with their opponents, without ever being dangerous. 

  • The Parisians glue back to the leading duo while OM plunges into the middle of the standings. 

At the Velodrome stadium, 

Paris Saint-Germain quietly won 2 goals to 0 against Olympique de Marseille on Sunday night at the Stade Vélodrome during the 24th day of Ligue 1. The Parisians glue back to the leading duo while OM sank into the middle of the ranking. 

Paris, quiet strength

Let it be said, PSG was not flamboyant.

But was able to capitalize on his qualities, sufficient to fold the match from half an hour into the game. Mbappé crucified OM in the 6th minute following a Marseille corner and a lightning counter-attack led after an aerial duel won by ... Verratti.

Hard to start the match.

And what about this half-brilliant half-lucky goal from Icardi, who made his scoring instinct speak by taking back a center from Florenzi from the back (26th).

PSG could have put in a 3rd, or even a 4th, in the second half, but Neymar and Mbappé crunched, and the referee apparently did not want to whistle penalties.

The combative but harmless OM

The Marseillais played eye to eye with PSG, even allowing themselves to win possession of this match.

But without ever being dangerous for Sergio Rico, the substitute goalkeeper of PSG.

Valère Germain did not exist, nor his replacement, Dario Benedetto.

The rare danger rather came from midfielders like these two heavy strikes from Kamara and Gueye in the first half.

But that's all.

The changes of Nasser Larguet, the Olympian coach since the dismissal of André Villas-Boas, have not brought anything.

And Payet managed to get kicked off late in the game for a very high foot on Verratti.

Police everywhere, endure nowhere

A week after the incidents at the Commanderie, the police had replaced the supporters in front of the Velodrome stadium.

The prefecture had mobilized an important security device for this classico, with very many CRS supported by the Bac and the Republican Guard.

A water lance truck was placed at the Commanderie in the early afternoon then in front of the Vélodrome, which looked like a bunker, in the evening.

There was not the slightest incident, nor the slightest tifo in the stands, access to the stadium being prohibited to supporters. 


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