The controversial gymnastics trainer Gerrit Beltman has resigned from the German gymnastics association TuS 1861 Chemnitz-Altendorf.

Things are rumbling at that club after trainer Gabriele Frehse has been accused of psychological violence by fourteen gymnasts.

Beltman had joined the club in Saxony for the second time last summer.

In the same period, he confessed in the Netherlands that in the past he had "abused and humiliated" young gymnasts in the belief that it was the only method that could lead to success.

In Chemnitz, where Beltman previously worked between 2014 and 2016, the application for dismissal was accepted.

"Although the situation is becoming increasingly precarious with what we believe is unjustified suspension of Frehse", club chairman Frank Munzer told the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

Munzer supports Frehse without whom top gymnastics in Chemnitz is impossible.

The Frehse case also drew attention to the 64-year-old Beltman and his troubled past in the Netherlands.

He decided to quit.

Beltman's confessions last summer were followed by a series of testimonials from (former) gymnasts.

In response, the KNGU halted the women's top sports program for gymnastics for some time.

There is a large-scale investigation into abuses in gymnastics.