LeBron James has now wiped Chamberlain from the shelves, at the age of 35.


Marcio Jose Sanchez / AP / SIPA

The Lakers, thanks to LeBron James who now has more baskets than Wilt Chamberlain, reversed a complicated situation against Denver on Thursday in the NBA, where the surprise came from Philadelphia, defeated by Blazers yet deprived of its stars.

Behind Malone and Abdul-Jabbar

Denver, eliminated breathlessly in the Western Conference final in the last play-offs, was keen to take revenge on the defending champion.

But the lead of twelve points at the break was not enough, LA having made a show of force in the second half (68-35) to win 114-93.

LeBron James: Too Smooth #NBAAllStar pic.twitter.com/aDJb9C5BPP

- Los Angeles Lakers (@Lakers) February 5, 2021

As a good “King” leading his troops to victory, James had 27 points (12/19 on shots), 10 assists, 10 rebounds, the 96th triple-double of his career, his 8th at 35 years old, equaling the mark of Jason Kidd.

And he took the opportunity to overtake the legendary Wilt Chamberlain in 3rd place in the ranking for the most shots scored by a player, behind Karl Malone and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

“It means a lot to me, every time I find myself in the same category as the older ones.

It reminds me of where I come from, when I read the magazines in which were the exploits of those who paved the way for kids like me, ”he commented.


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