China News Service, Beijing, February 4 (Chen Hang) On the 4th, on the first anniversary of the countdown to the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, the flagship store of Beijing 2022 official licensed merchandise is located at the southern end of Wangfujing Pedestrian Street, known as Beijing’s Golden Street. The first floor of Wangfujing Gongmei Building was opened.

  At the opening ceremony, Xu Zhijun, deputy secretary-general of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, delivered a speech and awarded the flagship store.

Jin Hui, Mayor of Dongcheng District, Beijing, and Wei Lianwei, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Beijing Gongmei Group Co., Ltd. delivered speeches respectively.

On the 4th, Beijing 2022 official licensed merchandise flagship store opened on the first floor of Wangfujing Gongmei Building at the southern end of Wangfujing Pedestrian Street.

Photo courtesy of Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee

  The flagship store of licensed merchandise for the Beijing Winter Olympics is an important part of the overall image of the Beijing Winter Olympics and an important attraction in the host city of the Winter Olympics. It is responsible for propagating the Olympic brand to the public, providing winter Olympic information services to the public, and all categories of winter Olympics. The display and sales of Olympic licensed merchandise and the new release of winter Olympic licensed merchandise have a special position in the retail stores of licensed winter Olympics. The flagship store is not only a window to promote the Winter Olympics, but also a platform for cultural exchanges and participation in the Winter Olympics. Experience place.

  Beijing 2022 official licensed merchandise flagship store has a business area of ​​800 square meters, operating all 15 categories of winter Olympic licensed merchandise, including precious metal products, badges, plush and other material toys, clothing and accessories, ceramics, stationery, handicrafts, jewelry, bags , Home Textiles, Silk Products, Stamps, Umbrellas, Outdoor Products, Purple Clay Pots, more than 2,000 varieties, the largest area and the most complete variety of retail stores for the Winter Olympics licensed products opened in China.

The Winter Olympics flagship store will also launch store-specific products one after another. On the opening day, a unique and commemorative flagship store badge was launched, which attracted the attention of consumers and collectors.

  The Winter Olympics flagship store has two major areas, a sales area and a boutique display and activity area, to present consumers with all types of Winter Olympic licensed products.

In the sales area, there are exhibitions and sales of themed products such as the products of the International Olympic Committee's global franchise program and the Beijing Winter Olympics licensed products.

According to the 15 major categories of Winter Olympics licensed products, it is divided into regions. At the same time, there is a special area for new products such as sports icon products.

In addition, a self-selection area is specially set up, where badges, plush, stationery and other products are gathered in the area, and open shelves are available for consumers to choose freely.

  The boutique display and activity area is used to display the limited edition products of the Winter Olympics licensed products and the recently launched licensed new products.

The Winter Olympics image wall in the area is inspired by "Thousand Miles of Ice", and the overall acrylic material is used to create a sense of ice. It aims to spread the knowledge of Winter Olympics through the artistic treatment of the space, so that consumers can integrate into it and enhance the immersion Experience.

Through the combination of screen and lighting, the colors in the Beijing Winter Olympics color system are displayed, creating an overall dazzling effect.

In this area, the monthly new product themes are planned on the first Saturday of each month, and the rotation exhibition is carried out in this area. At the same time, a special "Winter Olympic Badge Wall" is set up to display the currently listed Winter Olympic commemorative badges for the Olympic Games. Collection enthusiasts create a Winter Olympics experience space and a "net celebrity check-in place" for the Winter Olympics.

  Currently, the Winter Olympics flagship store has more than 100 staff members and is actively carrying out business skills training and English training.

On the opening month, a group of special "salesmen" took up their posts. They are designers of winter Olympic licensed products and will serve as frontline sales staff to explain and sell licensed products to customers on the spot.

The purpose of this move is to allow designers to fully get in touch with consumers, promote design concepts, understand consumer needs, and design and develop Winter Olympics licensed products that are more suitable for the market.

  According to the person in charge of the Winter Olympics flagship store, during the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, Wangfujing Gongmei Building was the flagship store of Beijing Olympic licensed products.

Now that the Winter Olympics flagship store is operated again, the honor and responsibility of the "Double Olympics Flagship Store" make employees feel honored and cherished.

The Winter Olympics flagship store has recruited some salespersons who have served the 2008 Olympic Games. I believe that the Double Olympics salespersons and the Double Olympics flagship store will provide consumers with more enthusiastic and thoughtful services, enhance consumers’ shopping experience, and strive to make the Winter Olympics flagship The store has been built as a starting point for new products, a place for clocking in the Winter Olympics, a gathering place for fans, a place for cultural promotion and a place for media reports.