Regarding the schedule of this season of Major League Baseball Players' Association rejected the proposal of the Major League Baseball Organization to postpone the opening for about one month on the 1st.

In response to this, the Major League Baseball Organization announced that it will withdraw the proposal and will start on April 1 as scheduled, provided that it agrees on infection control measures.

Regarding the schedule for this season of Major League Baseball, the Major League Baseball Organization has proposed to the players' association that the start of the season on April 1 will be postponed by about one month and the number of games will be reduced from 162 games to 154 games.

However, the players' association announced on the 1st that it would reject these proposals.

In a statement from the players' association, the Major League Baseball's proposal includes increasing the number of teams participating in the playoffs from the usual 10 teams to 14 teams, and adopting a designated hitter system in the National League as well as last season. Therefore, it is said to be "unacceptable".

In response to this, the Major League Baseball Organization withdrew the proposal on the 1st, and on the condition that it agreed on infection control etc., "As scheduled, prepare for the camp in mid-month and the opening on April 1st. I have notified the baseball team. "

The Major League Baseball Organization said, "With the advice of medical experts, we proposed a postponement to ensure the health and safety of the players and staff, but we decided to move forward due to the refusal of the players' association." I will.

The major leagues started in late July, shortening the season to 60 games as a result of the camp being suspended in mid-March due to the influence of the new coronavirus last season and the subsequent conflict between the major league baseball players and the players' association. did.

We have decided to hold the event as usual this season, but from now on, the focus will be on whether we can reach an early agreement on infection control, which is a condition of the Organization.