Curling is well suited for women against men, but still most experts consider men's teams as favorites.

- The men have a little more strength and can therefore sweep harder, and also put harder blows when needed, says Sofia Mabergs from team Hasselborg.

If team Edin is to sweep the course with the women's stars, then they have everything to gain from using their greater power, and putting quirks aside.

Something that even team Hasselborg is good at.

- We are definitely not big favorites, says Rasmus Wranå.

So you have respect?

- Yes, they are the best women's team in the world.

Mixed double new Olympic branch

Next year, mixed doubles - a woman and a man in the same team - is a new Olympic sport in China.

If the WC this spring is lost, team Edin will chase their fifth WC gold, at the same time as team Hasselborg wants to supplement their Olympic gold with their first WC gold.

The prestige meeting now is definitely a serious game.

- What we can do is play really well, and hope that it will be that match of ten that we take home against the men, says skipper Anna Hasselborg.

- It will be fun to feel a little heat.

We have a lot of fun with the boys, and want to get match situations in the body, says Sofia Mabergs.

How important is the match before the World Cup?

- Right now all matches are good, we need really good resistance.