• Chronicle: Madrid falls into its black hole

"Why? Why?"

Éder Militao



Medié Jiménez

raised his right hand showing him a red card that he sent to the locker room.

In a counter, the Brazilian center-back was running behind

Sergio León

when the Levante striker crossed in front of him and fell to the ground.

At first, the referee only showed him yellow, to the delirium of the visiting substitutes, shouting standing on their seats at the

Alfredo Di Stéfano


However, after consulting the


, the referee considered that the play was worthy of expulsion, with the shouts of the white stands in response.

Disappointment on the bench and in the teammates of the carioca, aware of the marathon that was coming.

It was the ninth minute of the meeting and the afternoon was turning black for Real Madrid on their return to



The white team had

not played at home since last January 2


28 days in which he has lived absolutely everything: the adventure of the storm '


' that ended with a controversial draw under the snow Pamplona (0-0), the direct trip from north to south of the Peninsula to


, where he fell to the


in the semifinals of the Supercopa (1-2), the

disaster cupbearer in Alcoy

, losing in overtime and a footballer before a

second B

(2-1), and visiting Vitoria, quieter, to recover sensations (1-4).

A January that has turned into a nightmare with the defeat against Levante.

Davide Bettoni

, with

Zinedine Zidane

still absent due to his positive for coronavirus, mixed trends in his starting eleven.

He lined up half a gala team (goal, midfield and forward) and improvised with an

unprecedented defense

, in which he gave

Odriozola and Militao

their third and fifth titles of the season.

And on the bench, three youth players, Marcelo, Isco, Vinícius and Mariano, completing a strange call as a result of the casualties (up to six for yesterday's game) and the departure of

Martin Odegaard

a few days



Asensio and Odriozola

The absences left the coach without options, a favorable opportunity for the theoretical merengue attack to continue to be found.


stepped on the grass tapping the ball in the air while Benzema smiled with

Mendy and Asensio

paired with Odriozola.

The Spanish couple was the face and the cross of the afternoon.

Marco scored his second goal in this league to appease spirits after the red to Militao, but the Basque was erratic in his actions and was blamed for the Morales draw.


Calm down, calm down

", a Casemiro who was the central defender constantly asked him after being sent off before the few variants on the bench.

The young Chust warmed up

, but after a minute he sat down after Bettoni was convinced that the best solution was on the field.

The white '14' does not carry the weight of the ball on the grass, but it is the voice of Madrid.

"Get out! Get out!", He was yelling in a few seconds.

"'Let's go'


!", He repeated to Hazard, again shy in his interventions until he left the field in minute 59. "

Mobility! Mobility!

" Casemiro insisted from the defense, while his teammates, one less, they suffered to hurt the Levant.

And, suddenly,

lack of Vinícius on Clerc


From the VAR,

Cuadra Fernández

warned Mediá again and ... penalty.

And a few seconds later, when they saw the images on television in the stands, protests came: "

It's out! It's out! Look at it!

" Shouted Sergio Ramos, standing for the last half hour,

Lucas Vázquez


Dani Carvajal


"What a shame!" Repeated the white captain.


What a late you are


The silence of the Covid-19 restrictions allowed everything to be heard, and in the field

Modric and Kroos

demanded from the referee what was requested from outside.

The referee, with his hand on his ear, continued to receive explanations, and confirmed the penalty.

"Here! Let's go 'Tibu'!", The uncalled whites celebrated when Courtois avoided Roger's 1-2 from eleven meters.

Minutes later, the protests turned into deathly silence with



, who finally managed to beat the Belgian goalkeeper.

In the field, fatigue due to an expulsion that changed everything despite

Asensio's 1-0

, and in the stands, faces of despair for an eternal month, of trips, injuries and defeats.

Now February comes.

The Champions is here


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