• Real Madrid.Odegaard gets tired of the bench


August 7


Real Madrid's




in the second leg of the

Champions League

round of 16



changed part of the Whites' planning for this season.

A campaign that began only a few days after that match and that was partially conditioned by the words of

Zinedine Zidane

on the plane back to the capital: "

I want Martin now


The phrase, as this newspaper has learned, surprised the top managers of the club,

who had worked with the idea that

Martin Odegaard

would continue on loan for another year in the

Real society


Madrid was aware of the great league made by the Norwegian and their first instinct was to recover him, but the French coach still did not want to advance the return of the young promise and the club accepted it.

Now, more than five months after the Frenchman's request,

Madrid announced the loan of Odegaard

to the


until the end of the season.

This is the story of their disagreement. The Norwegian

debuted in the white jersey on February 4, 2015


He was 16 years old and he did it in a friendly with Castilla.

On the team bench, curiously, he sat



The Frenchman has always had good words for Odegaard, who accumulated assignments (

Heerenveen, Vitesse

...) while his coach added



Thus came the reunion, this year, with the good season of Martin in his debut in the League and the intuition of Zidane, who understood that in the tie against City his midfield had failed.

The Norwegian was not entirely convinced, because it was

indisputable in San Sebastián

, had adapted perfectly and

I was going to play Europe

, but the

Zidane's insistence

was key and in a last minute decision, he flew to the capital and left Real Sociedad without its star.The announcement was a setback for the Basques and something

unexpected for Madrid

, which I would have liked to have been managed at the end of the League, in July.

The reason?

Takefusa kubo

, another of the young promises of the squad.

Before the return of the Nordic, the 'txuri-urdin' had been very interested in the transfer of the Japanese, but Madrid rejected the offer so as not to duplicate transfers in San Sebastián, despite the good relationship between both entities.

The Japanese ended in


, where

Unai emery

He did not give him minutes, and now he tries to redirect his season in



Who knows if their situation would have been the same in Anoeta, they will reflect at the Bernabéu, reducing the year is what they want

Odegaard in London


The Norwegian, weighed down by muscle injuries and

patellar tendinopathy

that he has been dragging since the last stretch of the course with Real, he has not performed regularly at Madrid.

After his sentence on the plane, Zidane awarded him

gallon holder

almost always he was healthy and changed the system to embed him in the midpoint.

He rotated his idyllic 4-3-3

and broke the


that gave him so many joys to include the Norwegian in the eleven, until a date that, like Manchester, changed the sign of the season.

Ukraine, the Super Cup and the temptation of the Premier


December 1, Odegaard started Madrid's resounding defeat in Ukraine against Shakhtar


A 2-0 where he played 77 minutes.

As of that night, Zidane ended the rotations, the Norwegian again suffered muscle problems and did not play again until the five minutes that the Frenchman gave him against him.


, already in January.

The team's good winning streak since it came off the cliff in the Champions League did not help the Nordic's continuity either.

absence against Athletic in the Super Cup

, where he stayed training after the match on the grass of

The Rose Garden

, was the end of Odegaard's patience, who decided

provoke his departure

and he was not even summoned before him



The football question had become a

personal issue

, although without shouting or fighting, they say from the club.

The Norwegian, who

He has only played nine games

, did not understand that the technician did not give him minutes and

could not bear the thought of having to wait on the bench


An attitude that, at 22, has also surprised at the Bernabéu. Zidane counted on him for the remainder of the season, but Odegaard was convinced to change of scene,

tempted by Arsenal

, the ex-madridista

Dani ceballos

and for the

Premier League

, a destination that was not the favorite of the whites.

The Madrid club liked the idea of ​​repeating in LaLiga, but the Londoners

will pay the chip and compensate the club with more than two million euros


There will play the next

four months

before returning to Spain, where Madrid, confused by the situation, still trust in their future and do not feel like saying 'goodbye'.

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