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Ajax-Willem II · a few seconds ago

34 'The face of Nicolás Tagliafico has to be treated with ice for a while after he collided with Pavlidis of Willem II.

The Ajax defender continues to play with a big bump under his eye.

Ajax-Willem II · a few seconds ago

31 'There is also Willem II with a shot chance.

Nunnely shoots towards Onana, but lacks the necessary power and therefore the ball is an easy prey for the Ajax keeper.

Ajax-Willem II · a few seconds ago

29 'Again Ajax with a possibility.

Klaassen is in the penalty area and tries to head the ball, but misses him and cannot finish the attack successfully.

Ajax-Willem II · a few seconds ago

26 'What an opportunity for Ajax!

Daley Blind shoots from a long distance towards Jorn Brondeel's goal, after which Haller tries to extend the shot, but the ball hits the bar and just does not end up in the net.

Ajax-Willem II · a few seconds ago

23 'Willem II comes to the penalty area of ​​Ajax, but sees the ball simply being taken away by Ajax.

The Tilburgers do not make a goal attempt.

a few seconds ago

Ajax-Willem II · a few seconds ago

Now that Adrie Koster has been fired from Willem II, Gery Vink is the coach of the Tilburgers.

It is his first Eredivisie match as head coach for him.

Ajax-Willem II · a few seconds ago

12 'Ajax is emphatically looking for the opening goal.

Willem II knows how to hold out so far and ensures that Ajax does not reach 1-0 yet.

Ajax-Willem II · a few seconds ago

8 'A great opportunity for Ajax!

Antony gets the ball and takes out, but the ball just goes wide.

Ajax-Willem II · a few seconds ago

5 'Nunnely shoots to Owusu and he gives in, but the ball does not reach anyone and is easy for Ajax keeper Onana.

Ajax-Willem II · a few seconds ago

3 'A cross from Ajax attacker Antony is just a bit too sharp and does not reach Haller.

The ball ends up in the hands of the keeper of Willen II, Jorn Brondeel.

a few seconds ago

Ajax-Willem II · a few seconds ago


Referee Siemen Mulder's whistle sounds, which means that the last match of this midweek round has started.

Ajax-Willem II · a few seconds ago

Erik ten Hag says there is no movement when it comes to Quincy Promes, who would leave for Russia for a transfer to Spartak Moscow.

"I assume that Promes will also be there on Sunday. As long as I don't hear anything, he will be at Ajax", said Ajax's coach at 


Ajax-Willem II · a few seconds ago

Willem II's players are warming up for the match against Ajax.

The kick-off will take place in the Johan Cruijff ArenA in just under fifteen minutes.

🏃‍♂️ Let's warm up #AJAWIL


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Sparta-FC Twente · a few seconds ago

Auassar: 'A point is in order here'

Sparta captain Adil Auassar thinks 0-0 is a logical result against FC Twente.

"We didn't give much away during the first half, but the second half was very messy. We fought as a team but getting a point here is in order," he told 



Sparta-FC Twente · a few seconds ago


Sparta and FC Twente both fail to score and close a not-so-exciting match with a 0-0 score.

a few seconds ago

Sparta-FC Twente · a few seconds ago

87 'With a few minutes to play, Sparta gets a corner for the first time this match.

The corner kick, however, results in nothing.

Will there be another winner at Het Kasteel?

Sparta-FC Twente · a few seconds ago

85 'Danzell Gravenberch shoots towards the goal of FC Twente, but goalkeeper Drommel returns the shot.

The rebound does nothing.

Sparta-FC Twente · a few seconds ago

Sparta captain Adil Auassar has to leave the field injured.

Laros Duarte and Wouter Burger come into the field, because Bryan Smeets is also going to visit the bank.

Sparta-FC Twente · a few seconds ago

76 'There it almost hit for FC Twente!

Abass passes the ball, but again there is no one to finish it.

Sparta-FC Twente · a few seconds ago

73 'A substitution at FC Twente.

Luciano Narsingh leaves the field and Issah Abass comes in.

Sven Mijnans may make an appearance at Sparta, as a replacement for Deroy Duarte.

a few seconds ago

Sparta-FC Twente · a few seconds ago

70 'A free kick for FC Twente has little effect.

Immediately afterwards, a corner kick for the Tukkers followed, but it also failed.

Sparta-FC Twente 3 minutes ago

66 'Sparta insists, but the Rotterdammers are not really able to get past FC Twente's defense properly.

The teams are still well matched.

Ajax-Willem II 4 minutes ago

And the set-up of Willem II has also arrived.

Sebastian Holmen is the most notable absentee among the visitors.

The 28-year-old Swede is about to become a father and is replaced by Derrick Köhn.

Wesley Spieringhs takes the place of Lindon Selahi and Ché Nunnely is preferred over Mike Trésor.

Arrangement Willem II: 


Owusu, Peters, Heerkens, Köhn;

Köhlert, Spieringhs, Llonch, Nunnely;

Pavlidis, Wriedt.

Sparta-FC Twente 6 minutes ago

64 'Sparta is going to change.

Danzell Gravenberch comes on for Mario Engels.

Sparta-FC Twente 13 minutes ago

57 'Dirk Abels gets the chance to score his second goal of the season for Sparta, but he shoots the ball just wide of the goal.

13 minutes ago

Sparta-FC Twente 14 minutes ago

56 'The game image has changed little during the first ten minutes after the break compared to the first half.

Both Sparta and FC Twente get opportunities, but both teams are unable to finish the opportunities.

Ajax-Willem II 20 minutes ago

There is the line-up of Ajax for the home game with Willem II.

Trainer Erik ten Hag has reserved basic places for Edson Álvarez, Quincy Promes and Jurriën Timber, among others.

Dusan Tadic, Zakaria Labyad and Perr Schuurs start on the couch.

Ajax line-up:


Mazraoui, Timber, Blind, Tagliafico;

Álvarez, Gravenberch, Klaassen;

Promes, Haller, Antony.

Sparta-FC Twente 21 minutes ago

49 'FC Twente also gets a chance, but Sparta defender Abels can remove the ball and ensures that FC Twente does not take the lead.

Sparta-FC Twente 22 minutes ago

46 'The first chance of the second half is for Sparta.

After some fiddling in the penalty area Harroui comes face to face with keeper Drommel, but the Sparta midfielder is unable to make a good shooting attempt.

Sparta-FC Twente 25 minutes ago

Kick-off second half! 

Both teams continue the game unchanged.

Sparta-FC Twente 28 minutes ago

The last time Twente visited Sparta for the Eredivisie, the score was also 0-0.

That game eventually ended in a 2-1 victory for Sparta.

Sparta-FC Twente 41 minutes ago


FC Twente and Sparta are looking for the changing rooms with an intermediate score of 0-0.

Are we going to see more spectacle in the second half?

Sparta-FC Twente one hour ago

We are 40 minutes on the road at Het Kasteel, but so far the chances are scarce and so are the goals.

Sparta and FC Twente go together and keep each other in balance.

Sparta-FC Twente one hour ago

36 'Bryan Smeets takes a free kick for Sparta and gets the ball in the right direction.

However, there is no one who takes the shot well and does anything with it.

Sparta-FC Twente one hour ago

34 'The first corner of the match is for FC Twente.

The ball does end up in the penalty area, but gets mixed up and does not yield anything.

Sparta-FC Twente one hour ago

32 'The ball is almost in goal for Sparta there!

Pinto gives the assist, but none of his teammates manages to finish it and tap the ball into the goal.

Sparta-FC Twente one hour ago

31 'There is FC Twente again with a chance.

Many shoot the ball towards the goal, but nothing is done with it by his teammates.

Sparta-FC Twente one hour ago

Tonight, Sparta can win both matches against FC Twente in an Eredivisie season for the second time in history.

The last time the Spartans managed to achieve that was in the 1970/1971 season.

Sparta-FC Twente one hour ago

23 'Another possibility for Sparta.

Lennart Thy fires a shot, but goalkeeper Drommel can simply stop the ball.

Sparta-FC Twente one hour ago

21 'Duarte shoots the ball from outside the penalty area towards the goal of FC Twente keeper Drommel, but he hardly has to make an effort to catch the ball.

Sparta-FC Twente one hour ago

19 'The match waves up and down.

Both teams alternate when it comes to possession, but FC Twente has a little more upper hand.

Sparta-FC Twente one hour ago

11 'Again FC Twente shows itself with the ball in the staff kick area of ​​Sparta.

However, the Rotterdammers manage to prevent a completion of the attack.

Sparta-FC Twente one hour ago

5 'Queensy Many a pass the ball, but there are no teammates who make it a possibility.

FC Twente starts the match energetically.

Sparta-FC Twente one hour ago

3 'Narsingh almost alone runs with the ball towards the goal of Sparta goalkeeper Okoye, but is stopped at the end and cannot really get a shot chance.

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