Sweden defeated Qatar 35-23 and now have to reload for the semifinals against France on Friday 17.30.

- It is clear that they are favorites.

It will be extremely tough but we have a fantastic team, says Swedish national team captain Glenn Solberg.

France has six straight victories so far in the championship and is clearly the favorite against the young and inexperienced Sweden.

"We do our thing"

- I would say that it is 65-35 percent.

They have looked sickly strong.

But what speaks for us is that we do our thing and have done it the whole tournament.

If we get our game right, I can guarantee that no team here in the World Cup wants to play against us, says goalkeeper Andreas Palicka.

An extension was required when France moved on to Hungary.

Sweden got a significantly more pleasant quarter-final, but Palicka does not think it will affect.

- When the match starts, we will play a World Cup semi-final for hell and then it does not matter how tired you are.

Then it's just driving, he says.

Sweden is also undefeated so far.

They have four wins and two draws.

- We are unbeatable so far but we need to recharge and make it even better, says midfielder Max Darj.

CLIP: Denmark on to World Cup semi

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Denmark cheers after the dramatic quarter-final against Egypt.

Photo: Bildbyrån