Just before the first half of the Coppa Italia quarter-final between Inter and Milan, the teams' attacking giants clashed.

A hot exchange of words culminated in the two alpha males banging their foreheads against each other and being rewarded with a yellow card each.

- See you outside, said Romelu Lukaku.

- Call your mom.

Go and make your Voodoo shit, you little donkey!

shouted Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Then Milan led 1-0 after Ibrahimovic broke free and scored the lead goal via the post.

But barely a quarter into the second half, the Swede was then in a duel and took his second yellow card.

It also changed the match picture.

- We tore from start to finish, it was a great match.

Unfortunately, Ibra's second yellow card changed the match, said Milan goalkeeper Ciprian Tatarusanu in RAI's broadcast after the match.

That's why Zlatan shouted about Voodoo

Ibrahimovic is said to have apologized to his teammates after the match.

That he shouted about "Voodoo shit" has the explanation in an old accusation that the Belgian was thrown over himself a couple of years ago, when according to Everton's majority owner Farhad Moshiri he should have refused a new contract because he received a "voodoo message ”.

Lukaku firmly denied it, but it was obviously fasting with the Swede who shared a locker room with Lukaku at Manchester United 2017-18.

It is also the quarrel that dominates the Italian sports pages.

The headline

"Ibra-Lukaku: shameful"

adorns the front page of Corriere dello Sports. 

"Derby boxing ring: Inter win 2-1 against Milan by ten men"

, tops La Gazzetta dello Sport.

"Angry Inter"

, writes Tuttosport.

Coach: The expulsion the only difference

Just Romelu Lukaku equalized on penalty.

Inter pressed for another goal and were finally able to breathe a sigh of relief in the seventh minute.

Christian Eriksen pulled a free kick into the crossbar and made sure that Inter are in the semifinals and Zlatan Ibrahimovic went from match hero to scapegoat.

- It was a very even match, the only difference was that we had one man less.

If it had been eleven against eleven, it would have been open for another result, and we led 1-0, stated Milan coach Stefano Pioli to RAI Sport. 

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