According to Villas-Boas, these two won't be going on vacation together either.



“Call your mom and do your voodoo shit”.

"Call your mother and do your voodoo bullshit" in French.

Not clumsy in front of goal, Zlatan Ibrahimovic also knows how to hit where it hurts when it comes to pissing off with an opponent.

Tuesday, in the Milan derby counting for the quarter-finals of the Italian Cup, the former PSG went to unearth an old anecdote - denied by the principal concerned - about Romelu Lukaku, his short-lived sufferer of the day.

Anecdote that drove the interist scorer crazy, who returned the favor by insulting the Swede's mother in return.

To understand the ref ', we have to go back to 2017 when the owner of Everton, Farhad Moshiri, had unveiled a funny information to explain the about-face of the Belgian striker who was supposed to join the Toffees before retracting.

“At the meeting [between the club and Lukaku], Rom called his mother.

He said she was on a pilgrimage in Africa, that she had seen voodoo and that he had to go to Chelsea.

The Belgian has since vehemently denied the veracity of this statement.

On arrival, it was not in Chelsea but in Manchester United (with Zlatan, therefore) that Lukaku had ended up putting his bags down.

So Tuesday, after some little confusion during the match, the two players found themselves face to face and each received a warning.

The exchange of insults, with a Lukaku totally beside himself, continued on the way to the locker room, when the referee called the break.

Ibrahimovic was sent off in the second half for a second warning.

Ibra denies racist insults

The two coaches Stefano Pioli and Antonio Conte rather minimized the facts after the match, ensuring that they had not heard the content of the insults exchanged between the two players and put the invectives on the account of the tension linked to the derby.

Ibra has this wickedness of the winner, I'm glad Romelu occasionally gets angry"


nevertheless told the former coach of the Azzurri after the meeting.

“They are adults and vaccinated, I don't know what they said to each other, but it can happen,” Stefano Pioli explained.

But the Italian press for its part regretted a "bad show which spoiled a good match" (

La Repubblica


"A goal each, a bad sketch for all," added the

Corriere della Sera



Corriere dello Sport

evokes a "shame".

"The field is a ring", abounds in

Gazzetta dello Sport,

which evokes "racist insults" uttered by Ibra to Lukaku.

According to the Milan sports daily, Ibrahimovic apologized to his partners for his exclusion, but assured that he had not used racist terms against Lukaku.


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