"There was a run over, a fall, but is this mutilation?"

The head of the Cross-Country Skiing Federation (FLGR) of Russia Elena Vyalbe and athlete Alexander Bolshunov apologized to Finn Yoni Mäki for Bolshunov's behavior at the finish of the men's relay at the World Cup in Lahti.

The official press release appeared on the website of the FLGR and the Association of Ski Sports of Russia (ALVSR) on Monday evening.

“Hostility is not part of the spirit of the Russian team, and we highly value the principle of 'fair play' in all aspects ... We sincerely hope that the dedication and hard work of all athletes, their results, as well as the beauty of cross-country skiing will return to the spotlight and continue delight many fans around the world, ”the message reads.  

It notes that Bolshunov also personally apologized to the Finn, and the ALVSR sent an official letter to the Finnish Ski Association. 

On Sunday, at the finish of the men's relay, Bolshunov first swung his stick towards Mäki when he cut him off in the last meters of the distance, and after the end of the race he crashed into a Finn.

As a result, the current World Cup winner was disqualified.  

On Monday, the Finnish media reported that two electronic statements were filed with the police following Alexander's actions.

She was later confirmed to Mtvuutiset by Criminal Commissioner Marty Hirvonen of the Häme Region Police Department.

According to him, law enforcement agencies will have to figure out whether there were signs of an attack on the part of the domestic athlete.

It will be known within a few weeks whether a preliminary investigation will begin.  

At the same time, the Finnish Ski Sports Association emphasized that Mäki himself did not file a statement with the police and does not intend to do so.

At the same time, they promised to apply with a written request to the International Ski Federation (FIS) regarding Bolshunov's behavior.

“The Finns have submitted a request to the FIS.

And now we are assured of problems, because the disqualification of Alexander is very possible.

We must fight to avoid it.

And you shouldn't let your hands go in the race and after it, ”- wrote the famous journalist Dmitry Guberniev in his Telegram channel. 

Nevertheless, on Tuesday afternoon, the FIS told TASS that they had not yet received any requests from the Finnish Ski Association asking to increase the punishment for the current World Cup winner. 

In the Russian national team, information about the Scandinavians' filing a statement with the police was greeted with surprise.

So, Vyalbe admitted that she was hearing about this for the first time, and noted that Bolshunov, together with his partners in the national team, flew to Sweden, where the next stage of the KM would take place.

And the trainer Yuri Borodavko called her a "fake". 

“We have no such information, there was no news until yesterday evening.

If something happened, they would probably have come to us.

There is no 100% information, we also cannot refute it yet.

But there is a possibility that this is some kind of fake.

Sasha is now in Sweden, traveling by bus.

Even if you look at the video: there was a run over, a fall, but is this mutilation?

I think everything is exaggerated ", - quotes the words of the expert" Championship ".

“If something happens, they call the police.

This is how it works everywhere "

But in the Russian State Duma, opinions on the current situation were divided.

For example, former world boxing champion Nikolai Valuev does not believe that a case will be initiated against Bolshunov in Finland.

“It's easier to believe that the Americans were on the moon.

Have you seen at least one criminal case and even an administrative one for the fact that Russian skiers were knocked down at the finish line or during a race?

There are a lot of them, but at least one case was brought to administrative responsibility?

In my memory, this was not ", - quotes the deputy" Sport-Express ".

Three-time Olympic champion in figure skating Irina Rodnina, on the contrary, condemned the behavior of the Russian skier and noted that he had no right to react like that to Myaka's actions.

“There was a clear attack.

Haven't you seen?

The fact remains, everyone saw what was at the finish line.

This behavior is unacceptable for an athlete of this level.

They may be held accountable for this.

We must keep ourselves in hand.

If something happens, they call the police.

This is how it works everywhere.

This behavior is incomprehensible to me.

Yes, it was an offensive situation, but pushing the opponent ... ”- said Rodnina.

Finally, Dmitry Svishchev, a member of the State Duma Committee on Sports, suggested Solomon's decision - to disqualify both Myaki and Bolshunov.  

“Of course, Alexander needed to control his emotions, because he is respected both in Russia and around the world.

True, this does not negate the fact that the Finnish skier acted in a boorish way.

Obviously, Bolshunov would have passed him at the finish line.

In the place of the panel of judges, I would disqualify both Russian and Finnish athletes.

Bolshunov simply could not restrain himself, for which he was justly punished.

Although I can understand him and am glad that this incident did not go further ", - quotes the words of the deputy" R-Sport ".

"In my memory, nothing like this happened"

To find out whether Bolshunov could face real criminal or administrative prosecution in Finland, RT contacted Valery Fedoreev, head of the sports law practice of CMS.

According to him, the prospects for this case are minimal, since the Russian did not cause serious damage to Myaka's health.

- Filing a statement to the police against Bolshunov can be called a precedent in sports?

- In my memory, nothing like that happened.

But, if according to Finnish laws, since the World Cup stage was held in Lahti, Alexander's actions fall under any article of the local criminal code, theoretically this is possible.

- Will this incident lead to the fact that athletes will write statements on each other because of each collision?

- For example, martial arts in themselves involve injury.

There, this is simply impossible, since damage is inflicted directly within the framework of the competition.

Skiing is another matter.

From a formal point of view, what Bolshunov did goes beyond sports.

Moreover, his actions were deliberate.

This is also important.

- What are the prospects for this case?

- Alexander did not inflict injuries on Meaki.

If something like that happened in Russia, the application would be possible only in the event of serious harm to health, preferably of moderate severity.

Let's say a person fell and broke his arm or received a closed head injury.

But simple collisions on the track have nothing to do with it.

There is hardly any other interpretation according to Finnish law.

Most likely, they will refuse to accept the application.

His prospects are minimal.

- Is it possible against this background to impose any additional sports sanctions against Bolshunov?

- Sports sanctions are one thing, but criminal or administrative ones are completely different.

These are two stories independent of each other.

It is obvious that Alexander's behavior was unsportsmanlike, for which he was already sanctioned in the form of personal disqualification.

The story with the statement to the police has nothing to do with sports.

- The Finnish police have the right to conduct a case against Bolshunov?

- Yes, by analogy with our legislation.

Any offenses committed on the territory of the Russian Federation, including by foreigners, are subject to domestic law.

There are even special colonies for them.

I think it's the same in Finland.

The exception is made by people with diplomatic immunity.